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Random Saturday

Welcome to another edition of Random Saturday at French Country Cottage.
A bit of this, a dab of that and a whole lot of randomness.
Which is exactly the way I like random Saturdays to be.

This week- it's about creating magic and bringing kids visions to life
Sherlock, and a little decking the halls.

1. Lowe's Holiday Magic

Last week,  I hopped on a plane and headed to Los Angeles to play an elf for a couple of days
for a very special project.
 I fluffed over a dozen Christmas trees

Decorated one with lots of swirly lollipops,
 one withTeddy bears, 
and even one with 3 dozen donuts
but that is not all.
There were about 20 different trees in all.

Along with trees, we filled the room with snow,
 covered the walls to make them magical and built a tower of presents.
It was all part of a very secret, very special, very amazing project
with Lowe's and the Boys & Girls Club.
There is so much more- and I will be sharing some photography from the project in a separate post- as well as a video. Yep, there was a production crew who were capturing it all.

2.  Crushing on... Fresh greens & peonies

It was a banner day yesterday for finding a few of the most perfect pieces for decking the halls.
 I ordered some fresh greens from a California supplier a couple days ago and they arrived yesterday
 and I also bumped into a bunch of peonies at the store while picking up Thanksgiving treats.
Happy happy.

3. Sherlocked

courtesy of PBS
Are you into Sherlock? 
My daughter wants to watch Sherlock like every night.
She loves it.  Like Loves it loves it. Okay, Obsessed might be a better word.
So we have been watching an episode a night for the past few nights
 and we are officially now done with Season two
and I might have picked up a bit of a British accent in the process.
Did you know they have only a few episodes for each season and that they are 1 1/2 hours long each?
 Kind of insane- and like watching a movie -but if you are into Sherlock and solving mysteries
you might enjoy it if you haven't seen it yet.  I'll keep you posted on how
the next season goes. 

4. Decking the halls

Between decking the halls at the Boys and Girls club, and decking the halls in my own house- I am feeling more than a little festive over here.
 On December 1st, I will be joining Jennifer Rizzo in kicking off her annual Holiday Housewalk- and will be sharing a tour of some of our home dressed for Christmas.

5. Simple Thanksgiving ideas

This week on the HomeGoods blog, I shared a few simple place setting ideas
for Thanksgiving.

I am off to grab another cup of coffee and get back to work.
But stay tuned for a diy on how to make a fresh green wreath
a super fun  & exciting collaboration
and  Hostess gift ideas this week.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. Your trees are beautiful and very creative! I have to say that is the very first doughnut tree I have ever seen, cute!

  2. Love the randomness! I can't wait to see more on your Lowes project for the Boys and Girls Club! Too cool! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo Jen

  3. A doughnut tree? Goodness, around here we'd have to be replacing them constantly. haha! Gorgeous photos. My favorite is the Deck the Halls photo. Gorgeous. Deb

  4. Oh what a lovely post and so much inspiration! Love it!
    Have a happy weeekend!

  5. You inspire Courtney, and deck your halls beautifully.
    Love the greens as well.


  6. A donut tree! How adorable is that?
    I'm crushing on peonies too, but they are $6 a stem here right now. I passed them by for orange tulips. '-)

  7. There is always such eye candy here!....Have a great weekend Courtney!!

  8. I'm with your daughter, totally obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and now waiting impatiently for the next season. Enjoy! :)