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{Inspiration} Feeling blue

Sometimes you just feel a little bit blue...
or at least a little bit inspired by blue.

 I love blue and I do have some blue touches in my home
like tickings and floral stripes and even a couple checks
 but have used it mostly in a little touch here and there rather than in a 
bold and beautiful type way.

But while staying in this room in a favorite B&B 
I started to fall in love with blue just a bit more
Especially the way the blue in these panels  looked with the gold and white.

It's maybe not the pattern or the shade- it's just that they were bold and blue
and definitely set the tone for the room.
It started me thinking about curtains and just how they truly change the way a room looks.

Like how much of an impact something with a pattern can make in a space
and how the same goes for a fabric without a pattern where the star is simply the color.

So I thought I would share a few of my recent pins that are all about feeling blue
in these rooms.
Sources all available in my pinterest board HERE

Bold blue and white check- of course it's a winner in my book.
Love how it mingles with the wallpaper and the yellow painted cupboard

But it doesn't have to be bold to steal my heart.
This softer version of the same pattern is absolutely gorgeous.

From a few of my friends- 
Thistlewood has these gorgeous blue patterned panels
 in a lively pattern and hue

and Miss Mustard Seed always has some of the best blues out there.

This room. Can we talk about it for a second?
I Absolutely adore the soft pattern of the curtains 
that mix so perfectly with the oyster colored walls
and yes, those pink peonies.

But if you aren't really a patterned type curtain person,
Blue in a drapery panel doesn't have to be patterned to make a huge statement in a room

The soft blue panels in the white room below are absolutely stunning
and they might be my absolute favorite.

Rich, dark velvet? Uh, yes,please!! 

Absolutely gorgeous- especially paired with the gold.
So regal. 
Though, I think what I love most about these is not the color- it is the sheer size
 and volume of them- I mean just look at that puddle on the floor? 

A darker but more sheer blue on the bed brings color but lets the light shine through
keeping the room soft and airy.

Another soft gray blue 
and mixed with gold and whites- perfect. 
Seriously. I am loving this look.

I just love soft beautiful shades of blue framing a window.

THIS ROOM is one of my favorites.
I adore the soft subtle look on the panels and how they are the perfect
shade and style to pair with those gorgeous chandeliers
and slipcovered furniture.
I am in love and this is definitely one of my inspirations for a new look
that I have on the list of projects for the new year.

And this is another favorite.
These panels look absolutely stunning in this room- especially mixed with
that detailed chest and gorgeous settee. 

Forget what I said about not loving blue so much.
I am SO loving blue and am scheming up a couple design ideas
using that beautiful color.

Here's a sneak peek at a little something I recently brought 
home that has blue, linen and gilding all rolled into one.
Need I say more other than that I am in love?

More coming soon.
For more blue & white inspiration~ you can find it here

Happy Friday everyone

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  1. beautiful colors, very harmonious !!! I also love blue !!! a beautiful weekend wishes angie

  2. & thought after doing the Americana thing with blue when the boys were little, I was dine with it. But lately, I find myself being drawn to blue again... soft, pale, watery blues, blue and cream check....

  3. Hi Courtney, I LOVE blue. I have different shades of blue scattered throughout my home ;-)

  4. Love blue! Especially pulling a blue patterned curtain into a room. Such beautiful inspiration....perfect for my master bedroom that is blue, white, and gold that I am currently working on : )

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  5. Love those blues,some beautiful pictures,thanks.

  6. amo anche io il blu, è un colore elegante e rilassante

  7. Blue is my absolute favorite color to decorate with. I always find myself gravitating toward it. Maybe because blue is such a versatile color. It's a neutral that goes with everything. Thanks for all of the inspiration.
    I would love to see more of that B and B. I love the Delft tiles on the fireplace, the blue and white,the patterned curtains, everything. Looks like my kind of B and B!

  8. I nearly fainted over the zebra rug on that marble floor with the whisper blue curtains

  9. As I'm looking again the floor is painted wood which is also lovely

  10. Great blue and white post i enjoy pinning today.

  11. I so love blue....thanks for sharing these great inspirational pics and the beautiful room in the glad you had a great vacation. Have a great weekend!

  12. I adore the blue and white. Thank you for the picture of the draperies from the Inn. Did you happen to find out the name of the fabric? Quite lovely with the blue and white tiles on the fireplace. I love the checks they are beautiful too. I adore the bedroom with the striped silk draperies with the gorgeous settee and chest, as you. ** sigh**

  13. I am usually a red and white girl, but something about the snow and cool temps put me in a blue mood, too. I am especially fond of pale blue buffalo check...dreamy. Thanks for the eye candy!