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Saturday Five

Happy weekend everyone!
I hope you are doing some relaxing and sleeping in or whatever makes you
happy this weekend! 

coffee, gulp mug, roses, marble

It's all random all the time over here on Saturdays and this week, we are
talking gold manicures, hydrangeas, potential, dreams & THE closet project today.

1. Rocking the Gold

Did you know that gold was all the rage in manicures right now?
Especially DIY manicures
and not as in the ones that you do yourself with a pretty little bottle of nail polish.
I'm talking about the ones that you do yourself inadvertently.
Because it happened while you were busy painting away and you didn't even notice
that half of your fingers were being painted right 
along with your intended target.

But I am kind of liking the look... so I might rock the gold for a bit.

2. Hydrangeas 

In hydrangea news
Yes, they are still blooming. 
Amazing, right?
 I think they might be starting to be preserved at this point.

hydrangeas, flowers, alum

Read more about the power behind the flower 
and what has been keeping them happy

3. Dreaming 

beach, word, dream

I am 'dreaming up' a little bit of time to focus on some of that daydreaming.
I am thinking along the lines of  planning a weekend getaway
that includes  plenty of time to really focus  quietly and do some detail work.
  A 'Dream' retreat if you will- which I think we all need sometimes.
 I am getting excited to put some huge energy into it 
and make some magic happen.

4. The Before

Over at Ebay this week-
I shared a peek the BEFORE on this piece... 

french sofa, french country, makeover, diy

and yes, that would be a YIKES for sure... but I also shared  a few tips on how to get the 
French Country style look with a piece like this. So click on over to see more

5. The Closet Project

The closet is coming along...
And when I say coming along, I mean the reveal is going up next week
 and I am pretty darn excited to share how it turned out.

french glam closet makeover cedar lined

As in, I might be in love.

Happy Random Saturday everyone!

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  1. I could certainly fall in love with the closet peak. The peach is gorgeous. A crystal chandelier makes everything sparkle! ~Pamela

  2. Courtney, I tried your $5 hydrangea fix, and it worked.
    I have a black nail on each hand, and the rest is French, but for me this is rocking it out enough !!
    More more more of the closet.

  3. I simply CANNOT wait to see your closet...if it's anything like I think, it's going to make us all swoon.

  4. The little sneak peek at your closet looks wonderful! I was drooling over chandeliers at Home Depot this morning while looking for linoleum...We lucked out 12 years ago when we moved to this house on closet-remodeling! Home Base (did you ever shop in one?) was unfortunately going out of business, so I went around to the three in our area and bought up all of their parts to make a mostly white closet with a couple of brown drawers (one for myself and one for my husband's side). Turned out nicely. :)
    Looking forward to seeing your full closet!!!

  5. I can't wait to see your closet. I mentioned ours in one long thin closet so I'm looking for any kind of inspiration. Your chandeliers are beautiful.

  6. I love the hint for using alum. My hydrangeas are not in bloom yet and are still too early for our local markets to carry. I have the same problem you described with the hydrangeas lasting as with my lilacs. I'm going to try the alum on those, too. Will let you know if it works as well. Love your posts - always an inspiration.

  7. Cannot wait to see your closet reveal! I'm hoping for some inspiration for our own "closet renovation"! A weekend getaway? Ahhhh.....sounds heavenly!