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A little French

Yes, it is true...
I tend to fall in love with pretty.

Pretty flowers, pretty fabrics, pretty furniture and much much more.

But you know what? 
When I found this piece of furniture- it wasn't really so pretty.

Would you believe it if I told you that this beautiful, amazing antique French chest 
 was found covered in dust
and other not so exiting things having to do with ...

Yeah, yuck is right.

But it was.
I wasn't even there to look at it. I was there to look at the
Buffet Deux Corps that is in my living room.
But when those garage doors went up and revealed a whole garage filled with amazing pieces-
I was like a kid in a candy store.
But I saw this one right away underneath several chairs,  stacks of boxes and littered with
that other not so pretty stuff right away.

I asked if it was for sale and the seller wiped it down
and brought it out for a closer look.

It had me at hello.

With those gracious lines, gorgeous hardware
and loads of carvings covered with gilding.

It wore a soft subtle pale yellow color that just so quietly but perfectly said
French Country Cottage
(though this was found before I started my blog)

The drawers had carvings all around the drawers
and the top had a hand painted faux marbling.

To say it was love is to put it mildly.
The price?
and a smaller very similar little stand- 
which is in the bathroom 
was included for $30.

So... I said load them up, of course.

I have been told that the larger piece is an older French Commode (aka chest) 
estimated to be from probably around 1920's.
 The smaller stand is most likely a little newer but no less charming.

Both pieces have a bit wear 
with missing paint, old dings and chips- and damage to the faux marbling
They definitely show their age and are imperfect- if that is what you would like to call it.

But I don't really see those things as imperfections.
They are patina and  I was in love with each ding, dent, chip and rubbed away finish.

It is currently being used in my bedroom as a bedside stand
and I absolutely love it.
The color and details and charm are all gorgeous and 
so perfectly French and my style.
Which always reminds me that if you stay true to what you love
it has staying power in your home.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Yes, yes, ands yes! I have always admired that piece whenever I see picture of your bedroom.They are both so pretty!

  2. Such gorgeous pieces, and the price was great!


  3. It's beautiful, Courtney! Isn't it nice when piece just calls your name? Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

    1. Totally... just have to be careful when there are A LOT of them that talk to you! ;)

  4. Did you buy it in the state it is in the photo or you have restored it? Wonderful piece of furniture.

    1. Hi Slavka~ I bought it just as it is~ I haven't done anything with it other than clean it up.

  5. Lovely. They look perfect in your home.

  6. Such a pretty piece of furniture, Courtney.

  7. Courtney, your chest and dresser are beautiful! I have a similar story and a similar, three-drawer 1920's-ish French commode now used as a nightstand and as my clothes dresser. I found it while antiquing in Capistrano with my visiting brother in 1989. I was still a newlywed and my Marine Corps husband was away at a training school. It cost $200 and it took three months to pay it off from my little job as a bookkeeper at the base thriftshop aboard Camp Pendleton. Love this dresser to this day!!!

    I had turned a corner in this shop and gasped sharply , which for me is my "it's-the-most-beautiful-thing-I've-seen" sign... (It's happened a few times, but not as often as one would think, thankfully!) ;) Will post up a photo for you on FB so you can see it.

    Thank you for the lovely memories,
    Barb :)

    1. Sounds like it will be beautiful Barbara- and I know just that feeling ;) Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I'm such a sucker for the pretty stuff. Absolutely gorgeous find!

  9. Oh yes, I would have brought it home. It's a beautiful piece, Courtney. So true what you said about buying what you love - you'll be happy with it for a long time!

    1. I have found that to be true again and again :) thanks for stopping by JoAnne!

  10. Love your drapes in your bedroom... would you tell me where you purchased them?

    1. Hi Hillary~ They were found at JCPenney probably about 6 years ago.

  11. Courtney--I'd think you were off your game or not feeling well if you did NOT buy that commode! (Mice or not--eeeek!) Incroyable! Wish it would have been MY find though--just beaUtiful--

  12. Oh, I love it! I am a real "sucker" when it comes to French provincial furniture. I cant hardly walk away from it! As for loving "all things pretty"...I am with you too! I have a real problem settling on a style! I just love everything! Thanks for sharing! Leticia

  13. In a heartbeat I would have brought them home. Grocery shopping will have to wait till next week :)

  14. Your pieces are indeed French and fabulous. Thanks for sharing, Courtney. I always enjoy the way you tell a story. ;-)

  15. Love your bedside table. Yes, I would have brought them home ,and such a deal ,smiling. I have done the same thing find a piece that is calling out to be taken home. :) I can so relate.;) love the flowers seeing them brings an awww to my day. Thank you.
    Be Blessed

  16. Love your bedside table. Yes, I would have brought them home ,and such a deal ,smiling. I have done the same thing find a piece that is calling out to be taken home. :) I can so relate.;) love the flowers seeing them brings an awww to my day. Thank you.
    Be Blessed

  17. Yes! Yes! & YES! Even in France I never find pieces like this - except for an amazing genuine Louis XVth chair for €20 in a street market!! I absolutely love this chest

  18. Beautiful! Love the style, color and patina! Perfectly placed as well. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Definitely would have loaded them into the car and like you loved them for years. Staying true works for me, I have never been interested in fashion trends and my home is a reflection of what I love.

  20. Great price! You were so lucky to find them.
    I would have done the same.
    Thanks for the pictures, they always bring good vibes to me.

  21. Yess, yess and yess!! Those pieces are gorgeous. The dings, dents and "imperfections" are what add charatacter and make it perfect in my eyes. Such great finds (insert jealous here :))

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs