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Vintage French Ticking Curtains

Did I ever tell you the story about my first major car crush?

It was on that little car that traveled with me from the Bay Area up to Tahoe, 
down to LA, to the beach into SF and back again.
  It sputtered to a start every morning
 and made a cute little ticking sound when it ran

 and it could coast off the edge of the road when it ran out of gas 
like nobody's business.

We were instant friends the minute he arrived at my house 
and I sat in the driveway and played music and reveled in the sound of his engine as it idled. 
It was a pretty little bright yellow bug who had the legs of a long distance runner and who loved to drive around with the top down blasting music on the weekends. 

 Pretty much the epitome of a teenager in California right? 
A vintage convertible bug, blonde hair, car load of girls playing loud music 
with the top down on those warm California evenings.
Ahhh, the memories. 

We drove everywhere exploring.  
And  I carried 5 extra fuel filters in the glove box at all times.

Why?  Because the filter would clog almost daily.
 Which meant the engine would stop running. 
Even mid run going 65 down  the highway. 
 It happened more times than I can count.  

I got so good at changing that fuel filter on the spot and not getting a drop of gasoline on me - that someone suggested I think about joining auto shop.
But, I was pretty sure that auto shop was not for me.
 I should just get a car that ran right. ;)

Though I loved my VW Bug, there came a point where I loved having a reliable car more.
 And so next came Igor.  A bright red, new convertible jeep.
But Igor and all of our adventures together is another story. ;)

Thankfully, most vintage pieces like furniture, dishes, knick knacks and trinkets
 are not like vintage cars.  
A set of china for example doesn't have to run
it doesn't have to be filled up with gas, or have lots of maintenance.
It just has to look pretty. 
Kind of like vintage curtains. 

I have shown snaps of these vintage ticking stripe curtains many times in my home.
In the living room

and in the bedroom

They are seriously some of my favorites and they do move around quite a bit for 
a new look or a fresh color scheme for the seasons in my home
but they are always up somewhere.

 I  have mentioned where they came from before but I always have a ton of questions about them and where to find them pretty much every time I share a photo with them in the background.
So, I thought I would share a bit more about them again today.

Would you believe they are actually my mother's curtains
even though- 
these are definitely not your mother's curtains?
Yes, they are.

My mother had these special made when we moved into a new house
when I was younger. She had a room with tons of gorgeous huge windows that needed extra long
and extra wide panels.
These are probably now almost 30 years old and  are from JCPenney -
 did you know they make custom curtains?
She ordered 10 extra long panels and a whole huge amount of those valances 
so that they would squish together perfectly.
Thankfully, my mother  has great taste and picked out a beautiful
french floral ticking stripe brocade.

I remember that I absolutely loved those curtains
and even when I would come home for a visit  when I was first married
I would sit in the 'formal living room' where the curtains were 
and gaze out the window and admire the view that they framed
and all their delicate details.

Seriously the prettiest colors
French floral ticking stripes
and a heavy elegant fabric?
I was in love.

A few years ago, after not seeing the curtains up for years,
I asked her what ever happened to them
and she told me that she was tired of the heavy panels around the window
She wanted light and airy.
( I guess she is where I get my ever changing whims from) 
She also said that  they were stored in the attic and that I could have them if I wanted them
because she did not plan to put them back up again.

I am sure you can imagine how quickly I climbed the stairs to go find them.
I brought them home, put them up in the living room
and just as I thought they would be,
they were absolutely perfect for my house and style.

They went right into the living room first
framing the windows and pairs of french doors.

And then they moved into the bedroom where we have 4 corner windows and a french doors.
And they have played musical curtains every year.

And I am not sure just where I like them best- I just know I like them.
So, I move them as often as the seasons change sometimes.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing a tour of our home wearing a little bit of summer sunshine
and those floral ticking pretties will be making an appearance once again.
I am also dreaming up another project that might involve the bedroom-
and yes, those curtains will certainly play a part.
Of course, that is after the bathroom renovation gets wrapped up.
Up next- tiling. Oh. fun.

See you tomorrow for a little burst of summer everyone.

Happy Monday

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  1. Very pretty and delicate looking!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love them!
    Jennelise xo

  3. Oh wow...I love these, Courtney!! I would buy these up in a second if I could!

    Jane x

  4. Scrumptious! I also love your couch cover. Could you please tell me where you purchased it? Thank You!

  5. I too love the curtains....they are keepers for sure! My first car was just like yours!
    My husband bought it for me after we got married and I worked nights as a charge nurse when he went to college days and also worked nights so we each needed a vehicle. Mine was a white bug with a black convertible top. On days off I would put the top down and drive to Monterey beach a few miles away with my pup and a picnic basket in tow. Sometimes it too would run out of steam and pull off to the side. All I knew to do was check the oil and kick the tires after praying! Ha! It would usually start again and off I'd go on my way.

    1. Looks like there were several of us that loved these VW bugs!! Wonderful memories!

  6. I love that fabric..I know I've had that in one of my previous homes! Another most favorite car was my VW buy I had maybe 10 years ago..I was so happy driving my bright yellow buy with the flower feminine! It had black leather interior and looked like a bumble bee! Sadly..she had electrical I didn't have it very long. I love your taste in decor too..makes me wonder if we could be sisters from a different! xxx

  7. Yes I know what you mean about Mother's old curtains. I used my Mother's old organdy curtains for years after she stopped changing them from room to room. Now they are linings for some lace curtains that I use. What would we do with out our

  8. Hi Courtney: I am sure you don't remember me but I remember you! You go me started on blogging several years ago when you taught several of us in the old tin building in Loomis, in the little antique shop. What fun that was!
    I real your blog a lot but this is the first time I have commented...your post hit home for me.
    I no longer blog, but may get back to it as soon as time permits. I have moved back to (my home state) of Minnesota and miss CA a ton. I introduced you to J.T. and as still in contact with her; she is such a wonderful person! I want her & her Mom to come and visit me but unfortunately last year I tripped and fell, breaking my back in 4 places so being a good "poking around in little shops host" probably the following year???
    Courtney, I had the same fabric that I had planned to upholster some white wicker outdoor chairs with but moved instead.
    NIce to re-conect with you if only by reading your posts!
    Joy Schumann, most recently from "The Olde"

  9. OMG, Courtney: I forgot what I was going to tell you about drapes! Our first apartment had Mom's Organdy ruffled curtains with a pink and red Csbbage Rose pattern...not on the Organdy but on the PAPER DRAPES MY mil BOUGHT FOR US, ALL TIED BACK AFTER cRISS-cROSSING THEM ON THE DOUBLE WINDOW.
    I was really quite cute for a couple right out of the military and no money!

  10. I love your curtains Courtney, they look beautiful everywhere you hang them!