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Double the trouble

Last weekend was

I had the best time at Haven Conference and so enjoyed meeting so many blog friends, learning so much and having some really great conversations that had a big impact on me. 
I will delve more into some of that because there is a post that has been kind of waiting to get out- that got pushed to the forefront this weekend.

For now ~ let's talk mirrors.

Specifically that mottled, vintage mirror that I picked up in San Diego a couple weeks ago.
The one that was damaged beyond to some
but that was absolute perfection to me.

The one that I heard those yes and no voices arguing on my shoulder about the price on-
 yes it was a little high for my super deal loving heart
but it was also the one that I simply couldn't get out of my mind
and there is where the struggle came in.

The one that I told you that when I went to measure it just because...
I just so happened to see something else that answered with a big loud 
to that burning question (okay not really but let's just go with it)
 if I was in fact
 bringing that beauty home with me.

So, what was it?

 So many times I have found something vintage-
and wished that there was another just like it.
 As someone who loves symmetry in design-
pairs are not just my friend- they are a must. And I love them.
Not to say I won't take 1 of something and love it just as much-
but a pair?
Oh the possibilities.

And you know how when you are shopping for anything
if you see more than one- it talks to you.
 It says
 'You need me. Because, I am the Lucy to your Ethel.
And if you leave me behind- you know you will regret it.
With big fat regret the minute you walk out the door'
One is good- but two would be amazing.

Yes, two is amazing.
Can you believe that there was a pair of those
 incredibly gorgeous antique mirrors in that shop?

of antique Louis Philippe mirrors. 
With those embossed floral details, that delicious arched shaped, perfect patina
both covered in gorgeous vintage brassy gold paint.
I mean...
I was already in love with the first one.
I did NOT need much more to push me over the must.have. edge
but as I was climbing the stairs to the attic to measure it
with the seller he pointed out something on the wall.

There was a second one.
My jaw dropped.

I was dancing inside as I imagined the places these two would go.
But I played it cool of course.
I called my husband for measurements in a couple spaces that I knew they would be perfect in
and casually mentioned to him about that little inner struggle at the price being not a bargain basement deal of the century price
and he paused and said:

'You already know you are not leaving those mirrors behind.
So end the inner argument

(cue Shia LaBeouf) 

Well, I guess after all these years, he might know me just a little bit.

So, of course,
 I bargained on price with the seller on a deal for both of them
and we met somewhere in the middle
But between you and me-
I was going to be forking over the cash and paying the asking price either way because
it was already a done deal in my mind.
My husband was right.
 I was not leaving these two behind.

They are slightly different in gold finish and they actually
have frames with ever so slightly different details-
but they are a pair of beauties and I am completely in love.
And I actually love that they are ever so slightly different while being the same.
Because that makes them even more amazing.
 I can hardly wait to show you where they are going. 

Oh and did you notice something pretty in pink where there was once 
just missing old silvering? 

I love the missing silvering it is one of my favorite touches- it is not being fixed at all.
But I was planning to a put a wood backing on
 for safety
and to keep that silvering from flaking any further.
But just for now to seal it up
there is a pretty french floral ticking stripe fabric showing through
oh so subtly.

It is such an easy way to bring in another bit of unexpected charm.
You can find all the details on how to get the look in my Ebay guide this week-
Easy fix for a Vintage Mirror

So... what about you? 
Would you have snatched them up as well?

Seriously. Playing it cool...who was I kidding.
They had me at hello. 

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. You are SO LUCKY!!! I love symmetry, too. These mirrors are to die for...
    Michelle from
    P.S. Feel free to pop over to my blog to its new look!

  2. Courtney they are absolutely gorgeous!!! What a fabulous find!

  3. Ah. I love that, "you know you aren't leaving without them". Smart man ;)
    They sure are perfect. I know you'll decorate wonders around them!

    1. Haha!! Right?! He knows me all too well to know. Thanks for stopping by Shannon!

  4. Courtney, I love symmetry too. I try to give in to asymmetry at times, but it never wins out. Love your mirrors! Yes, I would have bought the pair. If one is good, two is better!!!
    Your husband sounds like a great guy! ;-)

    1. Symmetry is huge for me too. It just makes me happy and yes, two is definitely better. Always!! Thanks for stopping by Sarah! :)

  5. Definitely would have brought both home. Good choice and they are beautiful….I inherited several really old frames that were my grandfather's. Love every inch on all of them.

    1. Old frames are some of my favorite things- even with nothing in them they are beautiful. Enjoy Linda!

  6. Questioning myself as to how these things never seem to happen to me.Sigh... no question. I would have brought both home :) They are very beautiful... 'flaws' ( I don't see them as such) and all!!!! I have one such mirror. With it's old brassy gold paint and gesso adornment. I cherish it even though I have been asked when in was going to ' fix' the cracks in the frame. EErrmm, never !!

    1. Haha. Right place, right time for these I suppose! I don't see the flaws as flaws either- they are perfect just as they are. :)

  7. Yes...definitely!!!!....glad your hubby convinced you to just do it! They are stunning!

    1. You know me- I had already made up my mind. They were already in place right where they should be in my mind. :) SO enjoyed seeing you at Haven Shirley and I enjoyed meeting your husband too!

  8. In love Courtney!! I can not believe you found two at the same shop. I am like you I like pairs of things. Great find!

    1. Seriously- who would think!? I have found random antiques before and then found a pair for it later- but not usually at the same time.

  9. Courtney--anyone who could pass on one OR both is not a true francophile, and clearly that's not you! I wan to go shop
    ping with YOU!
    Can't wait to hear about Haven and see some of your pics--I had to miss out this year. :' (

    1. Right?! I got a couple eyebrows wondering WHY I would buy these- but we know they are treasures! Sorry to have missed you at Haven- would have been fun to meet!

  10. Oh, I love them both..Quite a few years ago, when I first began to go to flea markets in the cities, I saw a mirror with the silver peeling off the back of the mirror. Well, back then, I didn't know any better, and I walked on by. To this day, I regret that I didn't grab it. But, I'm still going to the one big flea market every year, (35 years later), and maybe, just maybe, I'll see another like the one that got away. Congratulations on your find. Awesome!!!

    1. I know. Fortunately for me, I have always had a huge crush on that less than perfect patina and so when I have encountered old mirrors with it- they steal my heart right away. But yes, the ones that got away... sigh...they definitely do keep the hunt going. Good luck to you in finding one Bonnie!

  11. Courtney,
    Beautiful treasures, you must be in heaven!

    1. I am kind of in love. Between those mirrors and that chandelier- yep. Smitten. :)

  12. I am in SD all the time. If you could share your resource I'd head over there to see what is left!
    But I love the idea of the fabric behind the glass.
    Signed-Ready with car keys in hand to go to San Diego
    aka Barbara Ann

    1. I think I have their card Barbara Ann! I will look for it and let you know!

    2. Wow.. So happy for you finding both mirrors.. Really pretty..

  13. I also love symmetry & finding two almost identical mirrors - well, that is meant to be, you would have been crazy not to take them both. I love the fabric peeking out from behind; so elegant with just a hint of personality & individuality - fabulous!

  14. It makes you want to sing, doesn't it! I was oh so fortunate to run across a large very vintage mirror last summer (or the summer before, I forget) and when I laid my eyes on it I knew I was taking it home. Now a very young woman was debating whether she truly wanted it or not with the seller and then she walked away to look at other items. I announced! that I would buy it and another I had seen. My husband saw it and wanted to start 'repairing' where the mirror was wore off. He was a little surprised when I told him it was perfect already. It lives on my buffet by my dining table and I use it often for vignettes and am so glad everything was aligned in the universe for me that day!

  15. Beautiful Courtney and how fantastic that there were a pair. Well done! I bet you never regret buying these! Fiona xx

  16. wow, two of them....yeah, I would have too!
    The mirrors in the master bath were the mirrors I had one of those "conversations" friend just smiled and said take them!
    Of course mine weren't mirrors then, they became mirrors after I had painted them (not a good "gilding" job) but yeah, when you find two that match, the answer is always YES!
    Great find. Where in San Diego...I live in Costa Mesa and sometimes go down there just to "hunt".

  17. Oh how wonderful! Double the excitement for sure!! They are so neat and so Victorian! Love them!

  18. Oh how wonderful! Double the excitement for sure!! They are so neat and so Victorian! Love them!

  19. Those mirrors are perfectly wonderful! I love how there is just a patina of fabric showing though the patina silver, GORGEOUS!

  20. I would've picked them up both in a second!! I would've had trouble playing it cool & bargaining, I write everything on my face haha. They are beautiful and I love the differences to, and that gold

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs