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Friday Crush~ Vintage garden table

Do you remember when I shared that vintage garden table and chairs
that I fell in love with the moment I saw them?

The one that has that delightful chippy green paint and 
loads and loads of swirly details and character.
Not to mention that it came with those charming chairs with 
gorgeous iron flowers on them.

It is also the one that had a pretty glass top

that broke in a lot of not so pretty pieces.

Which left it feeling a bit not so fabulous.

It was several years ago now
but at the time, 
 I decided that it needed a little bit of a different look for a bit.
And a planked wood table top came to mind.

My husband and I built a simple top and when it was done
that table was a thing of beauty.
Those random sized boards all lined up and whitewashed to perfection.

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I actually put this pretty little table in my office to use as my desk because I loved it so much.

But as you know- my office is getting a whole. new. look.
And Oh. My. it is looking so pretty.
I can hardly wait to share it with you  very, very soon- as in very soon.

So this little garden table is back out in the garden
and surrounded by those pretty little chairs again.

I am working on changing the upholstery on the chairs and am going back and forth 
as to what look I want...and considering something totally different as the same time.
Which could be good. Or it could be bad. Or it could be ugly. 
So we will see what wins and I will share the new look when it is wrapped.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Your post is making me aunt had one just like it. I can remember it in her loggia. I know your office will be beautiful once it's finished!

    Ricki Jill

  2. A D O R E...on the hunt for a wrought iron table as we speak....

  3. I love it. I'm so impressed by all you do. Love the table.

  4. Love the wrought iron table. So pretty in green.

  5. The detail on those is sublime! Lovely, just lovely! Mimi xxx

  6. Just love your table and the green is so pretty…can't wait to see your office!! Happy weekend ~

  7. I just made over some French cafe/bistro chairs with leaf details. Unfortunately, mine did not have the lovely patina yours have. I had to spray paint mine to spruce them up. I love your photos.
    Michelle from
    P.S. Drop over to my blog for some FREE printables in honor of Christmas in July! :)

  8. Such a beautiful garden table....and cannot wait to see your newly decorated office!