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Saturday Five

Happy weekend everyone!

It seems more like a Tuesday than a Saturday over here
 and I will be playing catch up this weekend after a fun couple of days
 with my daughter and sister on a girls trip.

It involved driving. 
A lot.
Comic Con.
The beach.
And all the randomness in between.

Here are the weeks random five:

1. On the Road Again

We were on a mission last week. A mission that involved a road trip, cartoon characters and dressing up and having lots of fun.

 My daughter, sister and I drove down to San Diego for Comic Con- which is all about comic, nerd stuff and all other kinds of interesting. They loved it- and their mission was to get into a panel to see one of their favorite people Zachary Levi speak- and they did.
 Mission accomplished.

2. Little Italy

I did not go into Comic Con myself- I meandered around the city on my own. I shopped, explored Balboa Park and sat on the beach for a bit.  I will share a whole post on what I did coming up- but let's just say they were speaking my language in Little Italy. From the street corner flower markets to the antiquing. I was loving it.

3.  On the blog

This week on the blog- it was all about vignettes, entertaining and a sweet little spot to stay in Carmel.  With another birthday coming up this month- I am getting ready for a sweet 17 celebration and will share all the details with you.
But for now- you can find some of my favorite recipes for entertaining here.

4.  Antiques galore

I spent a little time antiquing in San Diego and
one of my favorites- this door. 
I think I need a little of that gorgeous color in my life.

5. Trash or Treasure?

My husband said trash- I said- back up the truck and let me play with it for a bit
and see what could happen...
see the After here

That is about it for this weeks edition.
I am off to grab another cup of coffee and get to work!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your time in San Diego. I love Little Italy there and it's been a few years since I've been there. thanks for sharing your trip.

  2. Well done for a fantastic week. I don't have siblings but really enjoy road trips with my daughters. Most fun. That Comic Con has been talked about a lot lately. Must have been fun for your family. I would have opted for the shop/beach option myself. Lovely flowers. I always look at these lush and imaginative flower arrangements and translate the prices to Vancouver prices, which are then astronomical, but here in England, flowers like that are lovely and common. That reminds me, am planning to go to today's car boot sale and will buy myself a lovely bunch of flowers from the farmers if there are any. Love your trash to treasure remake. I do a lot of that too. :D

  3. Looks like a fun trip was had by all. My son Brandon lives in LA and he went to Comic Con. He and his GF love that stuff. I would have been with you, out antiquing. xo