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Saturday Five

How is it Saturday already again?
Sometimes I feel like the week just zips by
and I can hardly believe that it is time for the weekend re-cap again.

This week I have a few fun things to share that I am including but first- let's start with a couple of white dishes. 

1.  White dishes 

I am in process of decluttering, reorganizing and just reorganizing a few things and what has been collected over the years. 
The bathroom remodel (that will be done hopefully by next Saturday!!) has created a lot of chaos in the house - which has led to me feeling like it is time for a few serene changes.
 So yesterday, I cleared dishes out of one cupboard and moved them to another and sorted through them in the process.

And I realized I have a problem. And it is clearly not enough storage space. ;) 
You might find some stuff popping up on Ebay for sale if you are interested.

2.  Berry Picking

Do you think one can consume too many blackberries?
 I am beginning to wonder what the record is and if there is even a record in the books.
Every day, my daughter loves to go out bowl in hand and pick berries. 
Our walks in the evening now include a bowl for the daily stash and we are enjoying blackberry pancakes & spinach & berry salads nearly every day.

Yum yum.

4. Romantic Lifestyle 

Summer is halfway over- and school will be back in swing in a few weeks.
 I can hardly believe them as I type it out.
Seriously, where did it go?
 In celebration of Summer and of upcoming holiday work- offering a limited time discount on the price of the digital and print copies of Romantic Lifestyle. Get yours here 

4. Hammock Hideaway at HomeGoods

 Last week I shared  5 easy tips to create a hammock hideaway over at HomeGoods. 
Simple. Easy and oh so fun for Summer and Fall relaxing. 
And I definitely think I need a little hammock hideaway time this weekend.

5. Garden Party with Joss & Main

It is hard to believe, but  that today is the last day to shop my Garden Party event with Joss & Main.
That month just literally zoomed by! 
But don't worry, 
 there is time to get those dishes, french style chairs, a new set of pillows and so much more-
but the clock is ticking- 
so go grab them.

Join for free here:
Shop the sale here

Next week- paint colors inspired by nature
a bathroom update 
and something fun.

That is it for today- I am off to grab another cup of coffee. 

Happy weekend everyone

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  1. I am in the same situation with you in finding storage for my dishes and glassware, but sadly it hasn't stopped by from collecting more. I may have to check out your ebay selection! I love having a great collection of white dishes. They are so versatile.

    Happy weekend!

    Ciao! xoxo

  2. Coffee sounds like a good idea right now. I always love your photos and vignettes.
    Michelle from

  3. Very pretty it is here, no matter what you are sharing.
    As for a plate addiction I too had a major one, whites to darker from florals to dots, and when I down sized my addiction to dinnerware I sold off all my Royal Daulton a long standing collection on eBay as well, most of it all from England and dated as well with dates demanded, now that it's all made in the US. I kept only settings in shades of whites and again could afford to perge some of it as well.

    Can you believe I dared myself to start creating plates in the clay studio here in my town, where now I am adding out of shape pieces to the fun of dinning. Plus my daughter some day wants a french wedding and all hand tossed pottery for the dessert tables so I better get working at it.

    Courtney collecting or out gathering up black berries was something I did in season daily when I lived in Washingron state on Lake Washington, loved the scent of them in early mornings with the moist dew that settled on them and there bushy thorns.
    As for the magazine I have taken a look of your last viewing it's absolutly stunning.

    Come for a visit I am sharing two small cozy rooms designed in old and iron beds with a French rustic rural mix.

    See you soon with more inspiration here.


  4. Thanks for sharing, hope you have a great weekend . I will have to check out your E bay collection.
    Be blessed.

  5. Everything look so pretty here... coming here makes me happy.

    Thank you