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Simple red, white & blue

Something simple.

Just a little red, white and blue.

I have such a crush on those Americana colors~ 
especially during the summer and for the 4th of July of course.

One of my favorite 4th of July celebrations was one
 year when I was in high school.
A group of friends and I decided to drive up to Tahoe
to swim in the lake,
see the fireworks
and just have fun together before
our fast moving summer started to dwindle down.

After the what seemed like a drive to LA - in hours and hours of traffic to get there
( Tahoe is a pretty popular spot for the 4th)
we claimed our spot on the shore and waited for those bursts of fireworks
to appear above the lake.

When it finally got dark enough
 and the fireworks started filling the sky with dazzling lights- we were in awe.
The lights reflecting off the water, the backdrop of the mountains-
it was so gorgeous.
It has always been one of my favorite fireworks displays
well, other than Disneyland- you can't beat that! ;)

As you probably know, we are in the middle of a big drought in California
and are so.incredibly.dry already
so, not too many fireworks being set off this year but that is alright with me and
I love to add a touch of patriotic color for the holiday.

You may remember the simple look from last year when my 

And you might remember the vintage thrift store flag that I found.
One of my favorites to display on the orchard ladder in the cottage.

A flag by itself on the wall- so charming.

A couple flags on the patio

A patriotic (and delicious!) dessert

or even  just a little tiny bit of red in the living room 

or a couple of faded red grain sacks

Simple it is over here.

I also wanted to share that this week-
 I shared 4 simple ideas for a 4th of July party  over at the HomeGoods blog 
including a 20 minute diy project ~ and a recipe.

 Have a safe and wonderful 4th everyone!

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  1. Courtney, your red, white and blue is simply beautiful!
    Happy 4th~

  2. Your patriotic touches are simple and perfect and signature Courtney! I can imagine the sadness that you can't do a full blown celebration (and I pray no one does). Here we've had an abundance of rain---we hope to not get eaten alive by mosquitos tomorrow!

    Jane x

    1. It is a bummer- but better safe than sorry with fireworks for sure! Hope you stay clear of the mosquitos-and enjoy! Have a great weekend!

  3. Neat memory.

    I grew up on a lake and going out every year on my dad's boat watching the fireworks in the dark dark sky with the reflections on the water: priceless.

    Also my daughters and I went out for a long weekend to Huntington Beach years ago and watched them from the shore - oh such an awesome memory too. It's the water thing that made it so so special.

    I live land-locked now and it's just not the same and never will be.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

    1. I hear you! There is definitely something about those dazzling lights on the water! We were actually at the beach not long ago for the 4th- but they didn't do the display at the last minute due to wind. One of these days!! :) Thanks for stopping by~have a great weekend Michele!

  4. The photos are great. Love your touches of red,white and blue. I have lived in Seattle for 20 yrs.we had many 4ths spent inside because of the rain watching fire works to music on the TV it was not quite the same but we did great to see a great show .😊
    Have a safe 4th and be blessed

  5. Happy 4th of July from Canada! I hope you have a wonderful day!