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Out on the Patio~ Just One Thing

Do you remember that black and white striped rug in the kitchen 
and how we talked about how just one thing can change the look and feel of a space?

Or when my blue and white obsession  on the mantel 
picked up steam a few months ago?
It was around the same time that I was playing with color
and taking a  little walk on the wild side.

Normally, I am a pretty subdued girl when it comes to something bold in a room.
It might be just flowers, or an accent or something along those lines. 
But I decided to have a little fun and try something different 
and a little more bold
with a little more pizazz than my usual.
I mean, why not?

I was working on styling the patio for a special event with Joss & Main and 
the new pillows went perfectly with the blue and white on the mantel.

And those brighter pieces led to trying something completely different.
Something bold.
Something blue.
Something with a pop of color 
and definite wow factor.

It was so much fun to play and try a different look- and while I was playing- I was amazed at how different the patio felt- so I decided to snap a few photos of each look to share with you.

I kept all the accessories the same right down to the flowers on the mantel.
But I changed one thing. 
Can that truly change the look of a space?
You bet.

I only changed the rug.

Here is a soft, sandy,  subdued and subtle look with this neutral rug.
Always a classic, always in fashion, 
always easy to accessorize with different colors.

It was easy going and easy to live with- no color commitment other than the pillows.
I liked it- but I really wanted something different.

And then there is this.
 A colorful, bold and beautiful blue underfoot.

Ooh la la...
I loved the vibrant look it brought 
and it definitely took the patio to a different level of charm.
Even with everything else staying the same- it felt like a different space.

So what do you think? 
Which one is your favorite look?
Are you a soft and subtle or a bold and beautiful?
I like them both for different reasons.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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  1. Love love love your outdoor fireplace patio! I'm having major jealousy issues right now ;)


  2. The blue rug really pulls everything together and gives it a more finished look. But if you tire of blue accessories than your neutral rug will be like a good old friend --always in season!

  3. I definitely love the blue rug better although both are beautiful. They are both classic whenever you feel like switching out.

  4. Love the blue rug.. Brings the whole fireplace setting alive with color..

  5. LOVE your outdoor fireplace...the whole patio is stunning!!

  6. Ooo, I love the blue! I'll be over in a jiffy! Would love to sit and dine outside in your beautiful spot.

  7. I have to vote for the Blue rug! And love love the flowers on the table. Just makes me smile!

  8. I'm having a love affair with blue and white myself, but I prefer the neutral rug so the rest of the blue and white items can have all the attention. And I think it serves the beautiful, rustic vibe of that gorgeous fireplace. I think I woukd vote for the blue rug if it were an indoor room.

  9. Love the blue rug........adds a cooling effect on the scene. The flowers steal the scene!!

  10. Hi Courtney!!

    So beautiful and inviting!! It's a good thing I live up here in Vancouver because I would be lounging on your beautiful patio!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!


  11. The blue one is awesome and really finishes it it!

  12. Courtney, your outdoor space is heavenly with either rug! But I love color and pattern so I favor the blue, but how can you miss with either!
    Pam (

  13. Omy all gorgeous my eyes can't take it! I love the blue and white rug but both rooms are beautiful for different reasons. Your outdoor space looks like a haven and is gorgeously decorated! I love your style, and that outdoor styling...amazing

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs