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French Style Office

Did you know that something
with touches of gold detailing has stolen my heart 
and run away with it?

Maybe it was the crystal chandelier
or the gold mantel mirror
or the delicate gilding on the edges of a french desk.
Or maybe
it is all of those things put together.

My office space.

What can I say? 
It has left me feeling a little lackluster for quite awhile.
It was pretty.
 It had some great touches
and it has great bones with the wood plank walls and hardwood floors. 
But it just wasn't

So, giving it a new look has been on my mind for a bit. 
I wanted something elegant & classic
Something with that vintage french look that I love.
That worked hard and looked gorgeous and glamorous while doing it.
I wanted something  that wasn't too over the top.
 except for maybe that one thing that is. 

This is going to be an overview post- and I will share much more
detail about each piece separately.

Let's start with the furniture.

The desk

A french blue gilded desk with all the right amounts of chippy goodness?
Yes, please.

This. desk.
A hand rubbed patina and so much vintage inspired charm- 
this French vintage style desk from Hooker Furniture was love at first sight.

From the softest palest of french blue color and brassy gilded details
to the delicate size and curvy lines-
and those carvings?

I knew that this was a piece that fit me and my style perfectly.

 Under the desk-
one of my absolute favorite styles of rug. 

Though I love hardwood- and have very few rugs currently in our home,
I knew that I wanted something romantic to soften the floor in this room.
I chose a gorgeous hand made needlepoint rug from that is covered in blooms
and soft pastel colors
with a coral pink touches that is a perfect compliment to the French blue.

I also wanted to incorporate something classic as well.
Such as a classic profile and vignette
on top of  another beautiful vintage inspired piece from Hooker.
This one looks like an old chest of drawers...

 but it isn't.
It has a secret.  

It is actually a file cabinet.

 A file cabinet. 
This file cabinet definitely does not look like the file cabinets 
I remember at my dads office growing up.

The fireplace

The antique cast iron fireplace surround stayed but got a gorgeous new mirror.
This golden beauty reflects the soft color on the walls 
and sends the light twinkling across the room.

You might notice several stylings for this room and mantel
I have been playing a bit and yes, it is starting to get a little bit of 'Fall' on decor wise- so it has already changed a bit.

The curtains

Pale floral ticking curtains on the windows maybe just for now.
 I am searching for the perfect fit and haven't found it yet.
These were originally bought for my daughters room when she was little
though they may not be staying-
these definitely bring rosy charm to this room and I love it.

And of course,
my office wouldn't be complete without a chandelier.
  I think that every room deserves a chandelier
and some deserve something larger than others.
Let's talk about the bling.

The bling

A perfect crowning glory that is just a wee bit over the top
but over the top in an amazing way.

To put it plainly- this chandelier is huge.
As in 32" long & 24" wide.

I have no shame at all that I am in love with it.

The size, the dramatic detail of all.those.crystals.
and the over the top stop you in your tracks wow factor?
Serious love
 and I definitely feel like bigger is better.
(there is something else with this beauty too- more coming soon)

So there you have it- a little peek at my office makeover.
Just an overview rather than a detailed look because 
 of course I will share a closer look at those gorgeous new pieces of furniture
 (including one more piece)
and up close and personal details about the rug and chandelier
in separate posts.

For now,
 I am off to sip on another cup of coffee
and get a little bit of work done

I partnered with Hooker Furniture and Wayfair on giving my office a makeover
and you can find the gorgeous pieces I used right here:

(mine is clear crystals not smoke crystals)
Aubusson Rug- (similar)


Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Beautiful :) I love it and I love every piece in this room. I actually like the curtains in there they add a feminine charm, but I can't wait to see what you choose when you find "the" one. I love that desk and this whole room screams you & represents your style so well. Wow that chandelier! Can you say gigantic beauty?

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  2. Hi Courtney, Your office is an absolutel dream. I would find it hard to concentrate because I would loose time just in admiring my surroundings. So perfect.
    By the way have you heard about If you haven't check it out now. That's where I bought my beautiful toile french sofa. You must check it out.
    Also thanks for posting sources that is so kind of you.

  3. It's beautiful, Courtney! And so 'YOU!' I love it!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  4. This room is like heaven to me. Every little detail is so well thought out and pretty.

  5. Swooning over here!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. So beautiful. Every piece chosen so perfect. I, too, love the soft pink curtains. They play well with the gold.

  8. What a lovely space you've created for yourself, Courtney. Each piece is perfect, and brought together looks like a little piece of heaven.

  9. Your room looks lovely! Definitely not what comes to mind when one hears the word "office."

  10. I always cringe when I get to the bottom of a post and realize it is a sponsored post and the blogger got all that cool stuff for free or a discount. Having said that, I also appreciate that the rest of us can duplicate some or all of the decor and easily purchase the needed items. Thank you for giving us the well as the amazing ideas. Your office and home are lovely. Kudos!

  11. Your office is totally beautiful , yet looks very comfy . Love all the photos! But the file cabinet is so cool.
    Have a great day!

  12. Your office redo is so you. A gal must do what a gal must do. A dream come true! Stunning and functional, my favorite pair of words.

  13. Absolutely stunning ... and, I have to agree ... so you! I know this incredible space will be splashed on the pages of a magazine soon! And, I "want" that chandelier!

  14. Hi > I went to order the chandelier, and they said it does not come with clear crystals, only smoked. How did you get clear? Thanks, Natalie

  15. Love it and Love your Style! I have a painted French Hutch Desk Combo in my Kitchen and Love it! I keep my cute little tea cups in it. :) Deanae

  16. Oh my goodness Courtney!....Your office is stunning!!!....the epitome of elegance...That file cabinet is the best...along with all of the other fabulous furniture and that chandy is amazing....Did you hear me gasp?...The mirror is truly something that would make anyone gasp with the sheer beauty of it....What a exquisite room to work in.

  17. Courtney, I think you have the prettiest office around. I would never get any work done because I'd be daydreaming about all this beauty. '-)

  18. That is the most glamorous office I've ever seen! Lets go to work! :)

  19. Your office is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love everything about It.

  20. You're office is simply beautiful and elegant. And I can't believe that's a file cabinet! Amazing!!
    ~jenise @diyfunideas

  21. I love everything, especially that rug...can you provide the name? I can't seem to find it with the link. Pretty please, and thank you!!!

  22. and where to find similar curtains, please :)