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Lowe's Manhattan

Ahh New York City. 

Seriously one of my favorite places to visit.  
The sights, the sounds, the architecture, the everything...
I actually have thought about moving there for a month or two
 just so I can fully immerse myself in the New York City everyday life
for more than just a few days at a time. 

I always love to travel to New York City 
and this trip, was for a special reason -
 the grand opening of the first Lowe's store in Manhattan. 

 You already know that Lowe's is close to my heart.  They are one of my favorite companies
 and I feel blessed to be able to work with them. 
So when they invited me to help celebrate  the opening of their new store-
 I was thrilled to be able to join them.

Just a couple days in NYC this trip- 
I arrived in NYC on Wednesday 
   since I was coming from the west coast so I was excited to have a little extra time to work and play in the city.  I had one of those meetings where you walked away on air
 I will share more when I can. ;)
After a couple of great hours of chatting
I was off to catch the subway to get up to my hotel by Central Park.

Central Park is probably my most favorite spot in New York City.
 I love to get up early and go out for a quick jog through the tunnels and nooks and crannies in the park and then grab a coffee and find a bench to people watch a bit. 
Just sitting there watching the busy
hearing the busy and taking in the city is invigorating to me.
 I have said before that NYC is like my country living girl alter ego.

I did a little work that morning and then ventured out to my other favorite spots- Flatiron. 
 And just beyond the Flatiron building is ABC Carpet & Home-
 which- is an amazing spot to gather up some inspiration. 
I met Ivy- one of other HomeGoods bloggers there to do a little shopping
 and then we went to a late lunch at Eataly.

That night- was the big event that I was in the city for.
 The media preview of the brand new pretty and pretty amazing
 Manhattan Lowe's store.

Packed with a huge amount of inspiration in a smaller footprint
and a huge amount of awesome new products

Eddie Ross checking out the new potting station
 Let me just say - 
I was majorly impressed with all that they were able to put into a quarter 
smaller store than a normal sized Lowe's.
I even commented that I wish our local Lowe's looked like this one.
Seriously- it is gorgeous.
They had everything that a large store would have and then some.
And if you are a diy-er, a renovator, a designer or decorator
or an avid shopper in NYC- 
you have a fantastic new source.

From bathrooms

To amazing small on scale but not details kitchens

and look at those amazing back splashes.
Patterned tile and stainless steel subway tile- love.

Lots of decor

a ton of tile selections 
(there is our herringbone marble mosaic in the corner )


and probably my favorite-
the potting station.

 A spot where you can choose your perfect plants
and choose your perfect pot
and they will pot it for you for free
so that you don't have to buy potting soil and everything else to go along with it.

Amazing right?
I love this idea.
Basically, they have anything and everything you might want living in the city-
and some specialty items that work hard for your space in the city
which is much different than that in the suburbs or country of course.

So if you are in Manhattan- and have a project or 5 that you are working on
or just want to peruse some amazing inspiration
check out the brand new Manhattan Lowe's store 
You can find it at 
 Broadway and 68th 

See you soon for my office makeover reveal

Happy Tuesday everyone

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  1. Love NYC!! My husband lived there during graduate school and loved it and we have visited many times. It's magical at Christmas time! How exciting to help open up the Manhattan store there! Indeed, Lowe's is packed with so much inspiration and much more! Courtney, enjoy your time people watching and the sights and sounds of the Big Apple!

  2. Coming from a small town, with a Lowes(that I like a lot) I never thought of them being in a big city. Funny. I guess people DIY eveywhere.

  3. I adore New York City. My daughter and I spent a few days during the Christmas Holiday Season at a quaint and lovely
    European Hotel called Hotel Elysee just down from MOMA and close to Rockerfella Plaza. Check it out for a special
    stay next visit.

  4. I too, intend to go to NY City to LIVE for three months. When I really started to make a plan" I realized the 6 months I originally thought/dreamed to do was NOT going to happen. Two guesses as to WHY. lol
    Its going to be a REAL shopping EVENT for us...soooo many great lil thrift shops and flea mkts. LOTS of nooks and shops left to explore

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  7. That is a really cool looking lowes! Love all the photos of some of down town,and Central Park.
    It's looks like a lot of fun.
    Have a great day

  8. Oh I love New York City also and would love to stay a month in the city.
    What a nice Lowe's and to see Eddie Ross already in the store, I miss his blog

    You were one lucky gal to get to experience all that thanks for sharing

  9. What a beautiful store - NYC is definitely the best! I so miss living there - the long walks in Central Park, the amazing food, shopping and all the celebrity sightings - never a dull moment for sure! Glad you have a wonderful time & thanks for sharing your adventures!

  10. That store looks great! I love that Idea of a potting station, who likes to get your garage or kitchen dirty and haul bags of soil home to pot on plant. That is great! To bad there isn't many here in Canada.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

    P.s I CAN"T WAIT for your office reveal.

  11. Courtney, what a fun working trip. Like you, Central Park is my favorite. We lived just blocks away when we had our NY apartment. Daily visits were the norm. Love that park! Love ABC too, and have to agree with you that the big stores that open in NYC with a smaller footprint really know how to make use of space.

  12. Oh I miss this so much - we used to go to Manhattan every month on business - great photos !