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French Style Chandelier

I sometimes subscribe to the theory that you should
'go big or go home'

Though I am soft and subtle in my style
blending muted colors such as pale pinks with golds 
I believe that every room needs that something that is unexpected.

That might be a piece like a farmhouse bench in a formal living room
a mid century modern chair mingling with a french needlepoint rug
or  maybe something like an oversized chandelier in a small space.

When I was shopping for pieces for my office makeover
I knew that I wanted a light with a lot of charm and character
and bling.

Something that made a statement 
and something that was anything but subtle
but that was not an attention stealing stinker either.
I was looking for a team player that went big or went home.
I think we can agree that this one
chose the path of going BIG.

All 32" x 24" and 12 lights of gorgeousness draped in crystals

I saw it and
 I knew it was THE ONE that would 
fit my style perfectly.
Gold. Draped in crystals. Elegant. French style. Detailed.

 it was a little on the large size. 
And I hesitated wondering if it would be too much... 
for about 2 seconds. 
Then I ordered it.

It arrived and I spent probably 2 hours putting it together
and stringing all of the 5 gazillion crystals, strands and drops on it.
And with each addition, it was more beautiful.
And I seriously wanted to hug it.

My husband walked by and asked where it was going
and when I told him it was going in the office...
he told me I was nuts
It would be way too big and bold and in your face in there.
And I said 
Mmm maybe... but just wait and see.

You see, I wanted something unexpected but elegant for the room.
 And for me, the chandelier brings that.
It isn't garish with bright gold or too many crystals.
It is elegant. And refined.
But at the same time-
I will admit that it is much larger than what you might expect
 to be in a small 120 square foot room.

But to me, it doesn't take center stage at all.
It has a presence that quietly whispers 
'Look at me'
And I might have ordered more than one. And I have no shame about it.
It is true. 

And you will see where that other one ended up in a few days
but for now I wanted to update on where to find this beauty.

So many of you emailed asking me how to order this chandelier with
the clear crystals.
So, here is the skinny on that.
My contact at Wayfair said they were out of stock online of the clear
and she was trying to secure more for you to be able to order.
But then I heard from a reader that she was able to order by calling them.

Apparently, if you call Wayfair and ask to order the one with clear crystals
they are able to place the order for you with the manufacturer.
Awesome right?
And can we talk about the price? 
Seriously. This is one of the most amazing chandeliers I have seen 
and it is an amazing price as well.
Find the link to the chandelier and office pieces in my post

So I say go forth 
and go big or go home.
Or at least don't be afraid to go big or go home.

Btw. The Finding Fall Home Tour is starting off today
you can find Mondays tour group over at Finding Home Farms
And my tour will be up on Wednesday morning bright & early! 

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. Sigh, so pretty. I'm waiting on Wayfair to send me an email saying my dream sofa is back in stock.

  2. Courtney,

    Congratulations on the lovely feature article in the current Romantic Country magazine! What a beautiful home you have created.

  3. That is serious gorgeousness!!!!

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    De jolies pampilles qui vont attirer la lumière pour mieux la restituer... Très belle trouvaille.

    Gros bisous ♡

  5. WOW...That is one magnificent CHANDY.......


  6. You were right, this chandelier is gorgeous in your office !

  7. Oh my god in heaven, NOTHING could be more perfect for that room. It is exquisite! The whole room is beyond pretty!


  8. Courtney...too much of a good thing is wonderful...may it hover over you like a guardian angel.

  9. Wow, ka-bling....yes, sometimes more is well, MORE! Smiles, looks gorgeous inyour room. Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  10. I'm obsessed with french style chandeliers! I actually bought one not too long ago at a yard sale for $3 and it needs a ton of TLC but I'm excited to get her beautiful again :)