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Saturday Five

Happy October weekend.

It seems that fall has officially arrived in Northern California this past week.
There is a crispness in the air in the evening. 
Colorful leaves dotting the ground. 
And an abundance of orange pumpkins popping up on the porches
just in time for Halloween.

We are enjoying warm sunshine filled days
which is totally fantastic by me... and it is hard to believe that November is just around the corner.

Since it is Halloween today- first up- have a safe and happy Halloween.

We aren't doing too much for Halloween over here. 
Matter of fact, my 17 year old and I have plans to light the jack o'lanterns
climb into bed 
and watch scary movie after scary movie tonight
while maybe snacking on just a few pieces of candy.

We generally start with good old 'Halloween'
but we also have 'The Haunted Mansion' on the list. 
And yes, that is the Disney movie

1. 'Halloween' 

You know, in Halloween-  Michael Meyers is a more than just a little on the creepy side. 
Halloween is definitely not like some of the scary movies of today- 
but because Michael just always appears so.quietly.out of the shadows. 
 well, it is a classic to watch.
  Incidentally, there was a Halloween night a few years ago 
when Michael Meyers walked nonchalantly out of the grocery store. 
That guy must have worked on his creepy walk for weeks to get it just right. 
And I kid you not,
I heard that 'Halloween' music in my head when I saw him walk towards us.
We decided we might not need the candy after all 
and just got back in the car.

#2. Glowing Jack O Lanterns & Christmas trees

It might be a day of jack o'lanterns, candy and scary movies... but over here, the twinkling Christmas tree lights will be on 
right next to the carved pumpkin faces.

I have been accused of being weather confused before. 
For some reason, flip flops or summer sandals just don't go with jeans and warm jackets unless you are in a place like California. 
 But seasonally confused? Yes, I whole heartedly admit that one. 
I have actually been decorating Christmas trees over here since July this year. 
A whole new record for me even-  but I have to say that love it. 
And tomorrow-
 I am excited that full on Holiday mode begins.

#3.  Last minute Halloween decor

Front door decked? Check.
Candy? Check. 
Costume? Check. 
Candles in the pumpkins? Check. 
Creepy walkway? 
Hand on the table grabbing candy out of the bowl? 
Spider web tablecloth?
Not yet?

Take a peek at some last minute creepilicious ideas for tonights festivities over at my Halloween Ebay post. It's an oldie- but has some fun tips.

#4. Treats no Tricks

Caramel apples? Yes, please.
Caramel apples are good any time of year but in autumn
they just seem to be THE perfect treat.

 I am all about yummy treats.  And since these are apples
they must in some small percentage fall under the 'healthy treats' category
More about these coming soon- 
I am getting back into the swing of sharing some entertaining recipes again.
And I might be sharing my absolute favorite caramel apple of all time...well, so far. 

#5.  Favorite Sunflowers

I am loving simple and sweet touches of fall.
What could be better than shabby pumpkins
and fresh greens and flowers?

I will be doing a round up of favorites from autumn this year soon
but for now- for those of you who asked about drying sunflowers 
(they are almost done for the season- so try it soon)
Here is the simple, almost can't believe it 

Want more? 

Happy weekend everyone

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  1. Happy Halloween...enjoying your gorgeous photos....and love the statement of being seasonally confused...I have so been accused of that!....Love the image of the pumpkins and tree in the background! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. I have been feeling a little guilty about thinking of Christmas décor, etc. but not any more! Ha. I have been tucking some fall and Halloween things into their tub today. I am so glad you have started with Christmas dé I am ready. And oh...good old fashioned caramel apples! Yes yes yes.

  3. I think the Christmas lights are wonderful all year round, but I won't be putting mine up until after Thanksgiving. I am ready for Christmas décor though so I might sneak a little out here and there before then. Lovely photos.

  4. Yikes! Especially when Michael pops out behind the tall hedge and amongst the sheets on the clothesline. To me, Halloween is a classic scary movie too. Love the pumpkins with the Christmas tree in the background, very pretty. Kathleen in Az