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A frosted tree & a tale

Do you remember when I told you about that day in Carmel when I was
strolling along on the sidewalk when something happened?

And how I had an ankle with an agenda?
One that I swear you could hear snickering sometimes.
When I was growing up-
 I had an ankle that always seemed to be the weak link
when I was doing something like... walking.
It had a mind of its own.

 I actually once rolled to the car courtesy of that ankle.
When I say rolled, I mean rolled as in tuck and roll
like a little roly poly bug.

Only, I didn't look cute like a roly poly.

I walked out the front door and took a step off the porch
and that ankle of mine
decided right then
 was the perfect time to be a show off.

It rolled to the side throwing me off balance
and the roll began.
Almost like an unintentional stunt maneuver.

And my step dad who was walking next to me
 reached out in slow motion to catch me...
as he laughed out loud.
(yes, we are that type of family.)
When I got up off the ground, he didn't ask what I was doing.
He didn't ask why I decided that rolling to the car
instead of just walking to the car was a good idea.
You see,
my ankle giving out was not an unusual thing.

It happened that time I was walking on the sidewalk in Carmel
with that dreamy boy whose last name sounded perfect with mine.

It happened on the sidewalk in Santa Cruz right after I got a cup of hot yumminess
with my sister ( I hurt my shoulder but saved the treat)
it even happened in the grocery store one time.

The reason they don't stack those 40 boxes tall and wide soda displays from
 floor to ceiling like they used to?

It might be because of me.

My mom about had a heart attack as she watched as
my ankle got a wild hair
and I stumbled
 and tripped over my other foot
 trying to catch myself
and my body fell forward in slow motion
 arms flailing trying to get some kind of balance
as I was heading quickly
right towards the towering stack of box after box of soda boxes
at the end of the baking aisle.

It could have been disastrous.
Diet Coke everywhere bubbling on the floor, cans rolling all around
and me completely covered soda.

But I caught myself at the very last second before the big kaboom
and stood up straight like nothing happened.
 I smoothed my hair
straightened my shirt and started walking away
mumbling something like...
'Yep, here all week'
while my mother and I laughed hysterically.

It has been awhile (and a lot of strengthening work)
 since my ankle decided to make a big statement
but do I trust it now?
Uh no.

And I bet you are wondering just how a story about
a rogue ankle
and a soda display
has anything to do with a frosted tree
decorated with soft shabby elegant ornaments
and a Christmas wedding table inspiration?

It doesn't really.
But photos of me on the floor covered in soda
after my ankle got a wild hair again
would not be a pretty thing.
Funny yes, pretty no.

And this soft frosted tree with faux snow sprinkled branches
 covered in shabby colored ornaments
definitely is pretty.

This was a fun styling that I worked on over the summer for the Balsam Hill blog.
Inspiration for a simple wedding table
with a gorgeous frosted twinkling Christmas tree
in the background.

On the table
white dishes, gold flatware and napkins tied with beaded garland
and a sprig of fresh greenery and baby's breath lend a casual elegant feeling.

And the tree is decorated is nothing but twinkly lights
and gorgeous shades of pale aqua, blush, and gold glass ornaments.

I might have played Christmas music in July
and twirled around just a bit placing each one on the tree.

And there were no ankles giving out
or soda displays involved.

You can find the  Frosted Fraser Fir  
and ornaments  here.

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  1. Beautiful tree and ornaments.

    Laughed out loud at the soda boxes not being stacked 40 high. That's me, too, but I'm just clumsy (although my ankles have been known to misbehave on occasion).

    But again, simply lovely pictures.

    1. I think ankles have a mind of their own. Seriously. ;) Thanks for stopping by Tanya!!

    2. I have TWO ankles that can do that! Once my shoes stayed put on the carpet where my body left them as it propelled forward toward the fax machine table at work. I managed to prevent myself from landing on the floor by using my arms to grab desperately at the credenza. Managers in glassed offices saw me and ran out to catch me, each arriving seconds too late. One said he'd never seen anything like it--that I sort of spun in mid air before landing. One of them brought me water. My boss kept staring at me. (Maybe he thought I was intoxicated). Having one or both of your ankles give out can be embarrassing.

    3. Oh my gosh!! That sounds like you have a really wild one!! Glad you were okay! And so funny that he thought you were intoxicated! Yes definitely can be embarrassing

  2. Gosh, you had some pretty close calls with the ankle. Glad you found some strengthening exercises to help. Loving the soft colors of the tree and ornaments. Such beautiful and unique décor for a wedding. Very Nice!

  3. How absolutely gorgeous for a winter wedding! My daughter has a ankle that gives out too. Oh how I remember the stacks of goods! Kathleen in Az

    1. It is a common thing I think. I am glad mine got stronger as I grew and played more sports. Hope your daughters has as well!

  4. So lovely pictures as usual!
    I'm SO ready for chrismast ♡ cannot wait to start decorating :)

  5. Oh, what a story!! Oh, what a tree!
    I don`t have a thing with my ankles, I`m just clumsy!:) Thanks for sharing this, I feel much better now!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  6. Ah, the 'ole ankle turning.....not good - in fact - do you keep it wrapped with those special simple lycra ankle bandage thingies? Could help.

    I tripped over a loose decorative brick pathway several years ago on a lovely day wearing sensible shoes and stone cold sober...worked up a nasty momentum on an incline....and fell HARD. I broke ribs, wrist, elbow, arm and pride. I hate you are falling. I pray it never results in what I went through - I tell being in double casts in humbling and humiliating - not even being able to itch one's one nose. Not good. Ugh. BE CAREFUL. At least you are in Cali and not winter/snow/sleet/freezing rain Ohio....not yet, but certainly around the corner.

    As for your pics and the tree and tabelscape? WOW. Just gorgeous! ♥

    1. I haven't wrapped in a long time but a great idea. It has strengthened thankfully. I think growing up and playing more sports that strengthened the muscles around it helped. But that said, I have a hard time trusting even now! ;)
      Gosh it certainly sounds like you had quite the injury- that sounds really bad Michele!! I am glad that you are okay- and stay away from brick walkways! When I was in Boston a couple years ago, I loved all those gorgeous sidewalks with cobblestone- but definitely had to be careful - especially in heeled boots. ( I know, I know..) Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  7. You know Courtney is your ankle call a lazy ankle?
    Because we use to laugh our heads off in Our crazy family because my sister always had a leg that had a mind of its own, and when it would give out down she would go! Even tripping over her other foot as well, the orothopidic Doctor called it a lazy leg, we all just got use to her falling and we would help her up out of her messes :)

    This was a cute story to hear someone else fell often.
    The tree is beautiful, is it still up In Your home? Or are you setting it up all over again.
    Balsam Hill has such amazing trees.

    See you soon and all you inspire.

    1. I haven't heard that term before- but seems like it would make sense. Thankfully my ankles got stronger as I grew up but I did provide quite a lot of entertainment for awhile. ;) This tree is up- but is decorated differently. Thanks so much for stopping by Dore!

  8. Lovely giveaway. I have been so busy with work, running granddaughter to ballet, hip hop and nutcracker rehearsals it has left me little time for home decorating. I love the blog world and instagram. They feed me so much inspiration. We just bought a home this past January and have been busy buying new home improvements for it. I cant wait to have time to get into the groove.

    1. Congratulations on your new home! It will be so much fun decorating and getting it set up just like you want to!

  9. Ouch I feel your pain, I took a tumble from my attic two years ago and fracture my left ankle.....I was soooo lucky my angel was watching over me, it could have been sooooo much worst.....with that being said it left me with a weak ankle so I trend to trip all the time ........
    Your tree is simply gorgeous.......


  10. That is my DREAM tree! My oldest is getting married January 16, 2016 here in Northern Minnesota and the bride wants a winter wonderland theme...........I think I've just found our table decorations!!!!!!!!!!
    Everytime I read your blog.......I sigh at the pictures...exactly all the things I love in GORGEOUS pictures!

    Thank you for all the inspiration!


  11. Your tree and table are absolutely gorgeous! I love all the white and the simplicity of it. I will be pinning! And your stories are great!