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Saturday Musings & More

I love the weekend. 
Those lazy mornings where I can easily justify that one more cup of coffee 
before getting  out of my comfy robe and slippers.
And where 6 am comes and goes without the alarm sounding.

This weekend- that extra cup of coffee comes with a to-do list a mile long.
But thats okay- because that to do list starts being notched off 
with me wearing my slippers and robe while sipping coffee.
Randomness this week?
Flowers, something vintage gold and an amazing new book to share.

1.  My car- the 'new' flower shop.

 I apologize if you went to Whole Foods after me this week 
and found just 3 halfway dried bundles of fresh greens left. 
I bought almost everything they had in stock and really, I was hoping 
they would unpack some more- because I really need even more 
 to create the garland and dress the mantel.

But the roses were already completely picked over. As were the fillers.
So someone beat me to those. 
Thankfully, a quick stop at Safeway- (and a coffee kick)  and I was back in business.
Seriously, I looked like I could be selling bouquets out of the back of my car.
 I didn't hate it.

2. Golden hues

Something with a golden tone arrived last week. 

And it inspired just one more quick autumn vignette before everything shuffled to Christmas. 
I will share more details about it shortly- and will be asking for some help with it as well- so stay tuned if you are in the know with big old brassy things.

3. Rustic Modern Metal Crafts

A friend of mine just published her first book- Rustic Modern Metal Crafts 
and I am SO excited for her.
It is all about playing with rustic metal bits and creating things- 
which if you have ever read her blog Finding Home Farms
you already know how amazing she is.  
And if you have ever met her- you know that she is the sweetest.
And she has a candle line and makes maple syrup on her farm.
 Can you imagine how incredibly delicious her home must smell all the time? 
Laura is amazing and her book is filled with amazing projects.

Things like  DIY rustic letter signs

A windowsill herb planter

holiday decorating ideas

and put it all together in a room inspirations.

If you love rustic metal - you need it
and it is perfect for gift giving for the holiday season.
Order it here

Thats it for today~ I am keeping it short and sweet
Because that to-do list isn't getting any shorter.
And I am in my robe and jammies yet.
And I am sipping what was once hot 
but is now (not my favorite) 
Which means, 
I definitely need to get moving.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you have been busy😊, love your vignette . It looks so pretty. Love your friends book it looks like fun.. So your the who's been cleaning out the flower section lol....hah. Just playing with ya, sorry I could resist Lol. I was at Target the other night and the have copper mugs , looks like I will be going back for few of them. 😊 You so have got me hooked on them since I seen them on a post of yours. 😊💛 Have a great weekend.

  2. How I love the flowers at Whole Foods...or any flower shop for that matter. A very nice post...thank you so much

  3. I love those robe and slippers mornings. That's when I get caught up on things like reading blogs.