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Thanksgiving wishes & recipe

Yesterday was all about setting and styling a 
romantic Thanksgiving table.

And today,
 it is all about the food.

I have said before how much I love to do all the ambiance work.
Like finding the perfect candles. The right fabrics. Elegant dishes. 
Sting lighting above the table
and maybe those wine stems that are that amazing plum color that would 
mingle perfectly with gold flatware. 
And of course, the centerpiece.
 The flowers are always at the top of the list of what
 I think of when styling a table.

But then there is that little detail. 
That thing that guests come over for and have starved themselves all day long for. 
The food.

For Thanksgiving- that means your diet gets a day off.
Those green beans with mushrooms and onions? On the plate.
Pumpkin, apple & pecan pie? You know it.
And Grammy's mashed potato casserole all by itself or topped with mushroom gravy?
It is happening.
 And there will be seconds. 
Possibly thirds a couple hours later.

Seriously, though- it could be worse. 
It could be the fudge that calls your name for seconds. And thirds. 
Potatoes blended with cream cheese and sour cream and loads of garlic aren't that terrible for you... they are practically a health food.
 Think of all the calcium... and vitamin...something. 

I promised you the recipe for Grammy's potatoes  and though I have shared them before- sharing again just in case you want to run around like wild today and whip some up for tomorrow.

And if you want to pull a teenage Chef Courtney - 
doubling of those ingredients is up to you. 

Grammy's Potato Casserole


5 lbs of potatos
8 oz of cream cheese
1 cup of sour cream
2 tsp of garlic salt

Peel the potatoes, cut into chunks and boil them until they are tender.
Drain and place into mixing bowl and blend/mash 
(I used a kitchenaid mixer- but you can use a traditional potato masher too)

Add the cream cheese and sour cream a little bit at a time
and continue to blend

Once the cream cheese and sour cream are all mixed in and the potatoes are 
creamy - add your garlic salt and blend again.

( Disclaimer:  We are garlic junkies over here- so we actually add more garlic than the recipe
 so add garlic salt or garlic powder with a little salt to your taste)

Butter a baking dish- 9x12 ish- see how technical I am? ;)
And spoon the potatoes into dish. 

Dot with a few small slices of butter and sprinkle with paprika or pepper (or both!)
If baking right away- bake at 400 for about 30 minutes or until the top is browned
If refrigerating- cover and then bake at 400 for 1 hour or until heated through.

Then prepare to be wowed and enjoy.
And then put on your stretchy pants so you can enjoy again.
That's it. 

Of course, 
Thanksgiving isn't  about the the food or a beautifully set table.
Those are just small elements that are fun to play with and indulge in.
Thanksgiving is about gratitude and giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives.
and for spending time with those who make your world a better place.

No Feathered Nest Friday this week- will be back next Thursday.
Wishing everyone a blessed and joy filled Thanksgiving! 

(You can see all the table setting details
 in my post here if you missed it.)

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  1. Your Thanksgiving table is gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Wishing you a very peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving....


  3. Your blog is a feast for the eyes! Romantic, elegant and your writing style is a kick to read. Enjoy the garlicky mashed potatoes:) Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, Kathleen in Az

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! That potato dish has been a staple on our holiday table for years. Thanks for sharing the memories :)

  5. Beautiful table. You promised to tell us about those beautiful roses.

  6. I hope you enjoyed your day, Courtney. Everything looks stunning! Gorgeous, gorgeous.