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Romantic Thanksgiving table setting

Did you know, that I made the best mashed potato casserole I have ever made 
the first year I tried it?

I did. 

There is a mashed potato casserole that was my grandmothers recipe
that has always been a favorite.
and this was the first year away I was away from family for the holidays.
I was young- in my teens yet and I was determined to make that casserole on my own.

I peeled 5 lbs of potatoes.
Boiled them.
Mashed them.
Blended them
and then added  the 2 cups of sour cream
and 2 packages of cream cheese
and 2 tsp. garlic salt.
Except I accidentally spilled the garlic salt... so it was more like 3-4 tsp-
but it was all good
because it tasted amazing even before baking.

Then I filled the casserole dish with my creamy potato mix
smoothed them out just so
 and baked them for an hour.
And when I pulled them out  of the oven,
that casserole and I danced around my kitchen 
(which was about 5 square feet in all)
and then I took a little bite catching it just as it dripped off the spoon.
And then got one of those  huge 'grinch' style grins on my face
and  sighed as I took a little bow
at my accomplishment.

It was the creamiest, most ooey gooey, garlic filled potato casserole ever.
I was so proud of myself and I called my grandmother to tell her
I had made her amazing mashed potato casserole.
And I even put the little butter pats on the top and baked it for another 10 minutes
 just like she did.
But ... just one thing....

I didn't know why it was not as 'thick' as hers was
it wasn't really 'firming' up. It kind of 'dripped' off the spoon a bit.

And so we talked about it and how I made them.
I told her
I peeled, boiled, mashed the potatoes
added 1 cup of sour cream
and 2 packages of cream cheese
I admitted that I bumbled the garlic salt 
and then
she laughed a little. 
Not at the garlic salt.

It was because I had doubled everything in the recipe...

Everything except the potatoes.

No wonder it was so rich and yummy.
That potato casserole that year was definitely delicious with all that extra goodness
there is no doubt about that.
So...just leave it at that.

I have been making Grammys mashed potatoes every year for Thanksgiving
Christmas and Easter dinners ever since.
With the proper amount of cream cheese and sour cream- of course-
though we always like a little extra garlic added in.

And this year- I will be making them tomorrow- 
and can share the recipe with you if you would like to make them as well.
(And totally up to you if you want to double the ingredients. No judgement here.)

Right now though, I am listening to rain drops falling outside
and the soft crackle of the fire in the fireplace 
and thinking about this Thanksgiving table setting that I worked on yesterday
that might be one of my

These dishes might be the most amazing dishes ever.
And I am obsessed with them- just like that mashed potato casserole-
in a really good way.

I partnered with Wayfair this holiday season to bring you 
3 gorgeous looks for your holiday table using some of the same pieces in each setting
and mixing and matching a couple things to show a completely different look.
And today-
 I am starting off with sharing a simple rustic yet romantic 
Thanksgiving table setting.

Seriously, when I say it might be one of my favorites? It is so true.
This table setting has all the elements I love-
 and is a perfect mix of rustic and elegance 
which is my favorite look.

A weathered table top and burlap runner for a rustic touch
mingling with beautiful detailed dishes and
gold flatware and glassware
and of course, 
gorgeous (and inexpensive) market flowers 
in diy gold trophies.
(more about the flowers and diy project coming soon)

Here's where I started:

A ruffled burlap table runner is simple but oh so pretty for setting the stage for the centerpiece.
Paired with fresh seeded eucalyptus and dotted with a trio of flower bouquets
in gold trophy urns - it was perfect.

The place settings make me weak in the knees every time I see them.
I kid you not.
 This gorgeous lace detailed pattern
with gold flatware... sigh.

And pretty little fleur de lis glasses for a French Country Cottage touch

I also added those gorgeous little parfait cups detailed in gold
perfect for fruit or dessert.

I am in love.

For a bit more Thanksgiving-
 red and brown pears dot the center of the plates

and a scattering of pomegranates and even a few pumpkins  if you would like 
are perfect.

Up next for 
 I will show you how to use these same elements-
but giving them a different look by mixing in a couple other things
to set a festive holiday table for Christmas.

Find the table setting pieces here: 

I am off to get back to work on a little decking the halls-
and to get to work on a fun video project that if all goes well 
(which is a big IF) 
 I will share with you soon.

Hope your Thanksgiving week is going well!

I partnered with Wayfair to share this table setting idea with you- but all opinions
styling, ideas and doubling up on ingredients for the potato casserole which made it absolutely delicious are my own.

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  1. What a perfect table setting, loving it! And the flowers are just devine.

  2. Courtney - this is 'take-your-breath-away' stunning! The pieces, your florals, your styling, your photography. All very drool-worthy. You are such a talent - I really enjoy your posts so much!! Enjoy your holiday!


    1. Thank you Lory- so sweet of you! Hope you have a beautiful holiday as well!

  3. I really love! the photos of all! I especially love the fleur de Lis glasses and see that they are available in red. Everything is so pretty and lovely. Now that I have copied your recipe for the potato casserole, I am wondering if that is the original recipe or...will I have runny spuds if I follow it? hopefully you will post the original recipe from your Grandmother...who, btw must be a great cook!! Thanks so much and have a very Happy Thanksgiving...

    1. Haha!! Nope! I shared the correct version before! So you are good!! The slightly not so firm (yet even so amazingly delicious version) was just the first time I attempted it on my own. I was just a teenager then- so I guess that is how you learn! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  4. Your table is beautiful, and the recipe sounds good too! Sheila

  5. Really beautiful, Courtney. The china looks like lace on the table and the flowers are gorgeous. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..Judy

  6. Wow Courtney, your table just takes my breath away. I don't know where to look first. Everything is incredibly beautiful. The gorgeous china, stemware, that exquisite flatware. And that amazing flower arrangement.... You are a true artist.

    Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving.


  7. Courtney, I loooove mashd potatoes with garlic too, yum! So want to try your recipe. My heart skipped a beat when I saw those plates, may I ask the name, pattern and where you purchased, omgoodness! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Thank you for sharing your Grandmothers recipe, it sounds yummy! The table setting and flowers are soooo pretty, so romantic.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. I loved reading your story! How cute and I've done the same thing. We can just laugh at our mistakes and sometimes mistakes make a hugs improvement like your garlic salt. Your tables is beautiful and you photographed it beautifully. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. You always bring a touch of beauty and elegance into my blog reading.