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Easy 5 minute gorgeous Christmas wreath

Fresh evergreen wreaths. 

Dotted with a couple of pinecones 
& a few sprigs of juniper and maybe a big red felt bow...
they are ready to place anywhere in your home to say
Merry Christmas.

I have a huge love of fresh greenery in the house for Christmas
and this year, I am indulging in that love even more.
But those store bought fresh wreaths often times leave me feeling like
there is a little something missing.
The good news is that they are so easy to customize
that they are always on my list, in my cart 
and coming home with me.
And I always seem to do a little tinkering with them.

to purchase a pre-made evergreen wreath dotted with greens and flowers and pretty embellishments would probably be somewhere in the
$40-80 range. 
And when you want to put up several
that is adding up pretty quickly.
So why not fancy an inexpensive on up yourself?

And it takes just a few minutes to do
which is fantastic because at this time of year
who has time to delve into a huge project?

Here's how to get the look.

I started with a charming yet simple store bought fresh wreath
and added just a few French Country Cottage style embellishments
such as fresh eucalyptus, eucalyptus pods and spray roses.

The wreath was $10
and I also had some of the fresh euc., euc pods and older spray roses on hand 
from the flower market run last week.
(They normally cost around $5-10 a bunch but I
only used a handful of each for this.)
You can use whatever type of fresh greens and flowers you would like
it is your wreath- make it the way you love it!

To attach them-
I simply tucked the pieces into the greenery.
I find that most of the time they will stay but you can always make them
 a bit more permanent
and glue or wire to the existing greenery or frame.

Here we are part way.

Looking pretty already.  Just continue adding bits 
around the entire wreath until you get the fullness and look you like.
Then add a pretty ribbon and call it good.

a $10 wreath
with about $5 worth of eucalyptus and roses
and voila 
you have a gorgeous custom wreath that looks like
it was much more expensive.

I will show you more about where this pretty wreath 
 ended up and much more of my home dressed for the holidays soon.

I am off to do a little Cyber Monday shopping and 
for those of you who are joining in taking advantage of the great sales today
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Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

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  1. Very lovely! I make my fresh wreath every year out of greenery I find outside, but this way is so much better. Saves the hands and nails! :)
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  2. Looks beautiful.. I definitely want to try and use real greenery next year.