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Cottage Christmas patio & early mornings

The other day I woke up to the sound of my grand dog 
running down the hall. 
His little feet pounded the hardwood floor
right past the kitchen  
into the living room
and over to the fireplace

Christmas outdoor patio copper mugs tree

where he stopped abruptly.

Then he grunted a bit 
(which meant he was irritated)
and I heard the little click of his feet as he turned around 
and took off back down the hall again.
And I held my breath for a moment... 
and hoped he would just keep on a-going and not hop up the steps to our bedroom.
Because, I had visions of sleeping in and waking refreshed...

Christmas patio outdoors red baubles &  vintage horse

But then there it was.
The sound of him jumping up the steps
and his little feet racing over towards the bed
running underneath
scratching his back on the frame
and growling 
and then waiting a few seconds to listen 
before starting up again.

I sighed ...
because I knew that meant that he wasn't going to stop.
He didn't care that it was the middle of the night.
He didn't look out the window and see that it was only 4 am.
On a sleep in a bit longer Sunday.

He was up and he wanted to party. 
And he hates to be awake all alone in the house.
And to call it a party- 
you need more than one partygoer, right?

And guess who was the invited partygoer
3 nights in a row?

Christmas patio outdoors red Stag pillow fireplace

So, I slowly got out of bed as as soon as my feet hit the ground
he ran over and spun in circles
and then took off again. 
Down the steps
down the hall
and back out to the living room
where he plopped himself on his bed by the fireplace 
and waited for me.

Christmas patio outdoors Tree vintage horse

I moved a little more slowly
slipped on my slippers and looked at the clock
and shook my head 
and started to mumble 
about how I was going to wake him up every time I walked by 
and saw him sleeping during the day.

Especially since this was night 3 in a row of 4 AM shenanigans
and I was either going to get even larger dark circles under my eyes
or a new sleep routine that involved waking up at super early
or maybe both very soon.

But I poured my coffee
and then sat down and stared at that little face
and those brown eyes that look at you and melt any 
You got me up at 4am just because you wanted to?
crankiness away.
And I scratched his soft head right between his ears
and said 
'Good morning you little stinker'
as he closed his eyes and snuggled in for a nap.

Sebastian dachshund pajamas

And I knew that Mr. Weenie had won.


So,  I woke up slowly with the Christmas trees twinkling.
I did a little writing and some back end blog stuff 
and edited a few photos of our patio wearing a sprinkling of jolly.

Christmas patio outdoors red vintage container and copper mugs

Copper mugs, old tree stumps, wicker chairs, chunky knit blankets 
and a sweet vintage inspired horse on wheels 
waiting under the tree to be played with.
I am kind of crushing on a little bit more traditional and 
vintage styling this year incorporating old thrift store treasures
and new 'vintage inspired' baubles.

Christmas tree red ornaments & lanterns

I stretched my design wings and used red
which though, is definitely a Christmas color -
 it is not a color that I normally use.
Most of the red comes into my home in vignettes
for a seasonal look.

Red and blue vintage and new glass ornaments

But these gorgeous red hand blown ornaments 
talked to me when they arrived.
They are so beautiful in person- seriously, my photos don't do them justice.

I decided to play a bit and have some fun
and decorate a 9' tree on the patio with nothing but red.

Rock fireplace red ornaments on Christmas tree

 I kept the mantel simple- 
just cedar and fraser fir garland- and 
I am loving the play of the fresh greens and the tree against the gray 
rock on the fireplace.

Tree stump table, copper mugs, Christmas tree on patio

On the chunky tree stump table
a pair of pretty copper mugs filled with hot cocoa
and a wee peppermint stick 
are ready to enjoy.

Copper mugs with cocoa Christmas patio

For those who have asked about copper working for hot drinks-
these copper mugs are actually double walled unlike Moscow Mules
so yes, they are suitable for warm or cold beverages.

Copper mugs as vases for flowers

And for flowers. 

 Though our patio doesn't get as much use this time of year as it normally does
it is definitely a favorite to decorate.

And since it is right through the french doors in the dining room -
the twinkling lights and chunky tree all aglow
can be seen from inside the house.

Christmas tree on patio near fireplace

Which definitely brings a charming, magical, 
warms you up inside and makes you smile feeling.

Even at 4 am.

When you are having your 3rd cup of coffee 
while listening to a certain little dachshund 
snore by the fire.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start everyone.

Vintage inspired Toys- Thrift store
Copper mugs- Balsam Hill
Sweet little stinker of a dachshund - priceless.

I work with Balsam Hill
but this is not a sponsored post - all opinions and insane love of
my grand dog and the Balsam Hill brand 
are my own.

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  1. Im guessing Mr. Weenie is letting you know how much he's chrushing on your Christmas decorations:) the little stinker:) Kathleen in Az

  2. Omy goodness! But I know the feeling when those little puppy dog eyes just stare up at you, you can't help but melt. Then as much as you were annoyed you just can't be.

    I hope your Monday afternoon is better!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  3. Really enjoyed your uber early morning post, Courtney, although I wish you had been given the gift of sleep instead. But I know firsthand the guile and charm of those big brown-eyed, short-legged pups. Plus, your home has such an ethereal beauty to it, that I know I'd want to spend as much time enjoying it as I could. Merry Christmas, Ardith

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Sir Icarus mon dalmatien sait faire aussi les yeux doux pour m'attendrir et croyez-moi, il parvient à ses fins !!...
    Un adorable billet et quelle superbe décoration. Noël sera fantastique chez vous !...
    Je vous souhaite de très belles fêtes.

    Gros bisous ♡

  5. I can so relate... this was number 2 of a certain chocolate lab waking me up because the yard bunnies are out playing and he wants to join in the frolic.
    Luv you tree with all the pretty bright red ornaments.

  6. Oh Courtney I can relate to such cutesness waking you up at 4 AM. My two little 2 year-old shih tzus to that to me sometimes. They just want me up in the living room and then they snuggle on the couch and go to sleep. Uh, thank you very much for waking me up! They never let me sleep in past 8 AM which is good since I'm retired now and need a regular routine. Your home is always gorgeous and I love coming here to see all the llittle changes you make. You are so inspiring! That little weenie stinker is so precious.

  7. What BEAUTY! Your patio is awesome.

  8. What a little stinker💖. Beautiful decorations.