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New Years Eve Table Setting

I grew up in a family that welcomed the New Year
in full party mode...

from the comfort of the living room sofa.

I remember being curled up on the sofa with a blanket
near the warm fire in the fireplace
with maybe just a bit of sparkling apple cider
 in a fancy schmancy wine stem.

With New Years Rockin' Eve on the TV-
I loved seeing all the flashing lights and hearing the noise and busy of Times Square in NYC
and I remember  'The Ball' 
and waiting for it drop all night long.

Just a few years ago, 
I went to NYC for the first time.
And I wandered around playing tourist with Cathy and Joan 
(both HomeGoods bloggers)
and Joan who had been to NYC many many times
was our tour guide. 
We went to St. Patricks Cathedral, the NY Public Library, the Empire State Building,
Rockefeller, that famous Macy's, and saw one of my favorite buildings- the Flatiron.
And we even rode the subway- just to say we had done it.
And just between you and me- 
 I laughed the whole time because I didn't want to hold on to the poles (germaphobe)
and so when the subway took off- 
I went sliding about 4 seats down right into Cathy.
Obviously there was absolutely nothing about me that said
And then we went to Times Square.
Which feels pretty much like standing in the middle of Vegas 
when it is pumped up on major amounts of steroids.
And there - in the center of the busy and flashing lights 
we kicked up our heels trying to get a perfect photo
and laughed as we started to fall over.

And that day in Times Square
was the first time I saw that famous 
'Ball' in person.

I thought it would be huge. 
Like huge and incredible and you could see it from miles away huge
just like some of those tall buildings.
Call it my childhood idea of what 'The Ball' looked like.
but... yeah.... 
if you have ever seen it in person?
Let's be honest... 
it is not really so big.
I wasn't completely sure it was even 'THE' ball when I first saw it.

But you know what? 
I loved it even so. 
It was the famous Ball. 
THE BALL that dropped every year on New Years Eve.
And the same Ball that I watched it on TV 
every year since I was a little girl.

The famous Ball in Times Square didn't have to be large and in charge size wise
 to be completely amazing in my mind.

It was already completely amazing.

And while we were in the middle of Times Square among 
all the pizazz and sparkle
and honking horns of the taxi cabs...

 I could almost hear the famous counting down
"5...4...3...2...1...Happy New Year!!!"

Even though it was January.

I have not been to NYC for New Years Eve (yet!) 
but after feeling a little like I might be trampled and forgotten underfoot 
in Times Square  on an average day...
 I think admiring that famous ball drop from the cozy of home works just fine.

And maybe setting a special table to say adios to the previous year
and welcome to the new one is perfect.

I set this table outside when it was a little chilly after the rain one day
and I absolutely love the darkness that the soaked trees 
and tabletop provided.

I used those peonies... are you tired of seeing them yet?
They are the same ones that I have been sharing for several weeks.
Not only were they an amazing price at $1 each- 
they have LASTED and LASTED.
I'm not complaining.

The place settings are simple elegance.
My new favorite dishes 
and those gold chargers that steal the show every time.

Paired with gold flatware and those charming little gold dessert glasses
that are a wee bit frosty from the chill in the air.

Simple Holiday Cheer tags on the napkins 
are perfect for writing names on for place setting holders.

and this centerpiece is simply about 12' of fresh greens garland 
from Christmas.

For another idea- how about glittered wrapping paper as a runner?
Or even a sprinkling of confetti down the center of the table?

I also shared a peek at a table indoors in the treat station post from Monday
and one of my favorite looks is also to simply line glittery trees down the center of the table.

Basically, when it comes to NYE- think Times Square.
Bling. Pizzazz. Gold and twinkling lights.
Add a clock or clock face which always seems to make you think of NYE...

maybe Alice in Wonderland.

Either way, this table setting is simple 
and once again just using those same table top  elements I have shared for the 
holiday tables this season.
Which shows how easy it is to make a few changes
for a completely different look while using the same pieces.

What about you?
Any big plans for NYE this year?


I partnered with Wayfair to bring you a table setting with inspired
elements but all designs and opinions are my own.

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  1. Simply lovely :) as always. I would love to go to NYE for Christmas & NYE that would be amazing but the crowds tend to scare me. Such a great time of year, I always look forward to this time every year.

    You definitely have an art for table settings

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  2. Your New Year's Vignette is Lovely and the Story about NYC and how you Celebrated Growing Up was a Perfect Read for the end of this year and the beginning of a New One! We too have opted to have those Cozy New Year's Eve full on Party in the Comfort and Safety of the Livingroom in front of the TV Moments almost every New Year. I've done the other kind... and always come back to the more Intimate Celebrations... Wishing you a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year in 2016... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. So beautiful Courtney....I love NYC during the Holidays...never there at New Year's though....I will enjoy watching it on TV!....funny story about the subway incident!...I do not like holding on to those poles either!

  4. I love your table for New Year's Eve. I wish I could find some peonies. I never grow tired of seem them in your photos.
    Have a Blessed New year.

  5. love the dark wood on the table, don't forget you can dry the peonies, hang upside down in a dry dark place.

  6. 2016, congratulations! !
    We will bless that visit your great year.