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Growing the perfect plants

Can we take a break from the chilly weather
(and the snow for some of you)
and talk tropical warm weather and plants?
And spring?
And bursts of color in the garden?

Yes, please.

I think we all know that I have a huge love affair with flowers
and wee little topiaries and blooms in general. 

And  outdoors I indulge in that love just as much as I do indoors.
I even dug up an entire large corner of the lawn to plant a perennial garden
filled with colorful pretty flowers in bloom
complete with a little bench in the center.

But something happened.
Did you know that perennials stop blooming after awhile?
They do.
But the fun thing is- 
then you get to re-plant and re-imagine your garden. 

So when Lowe's invited me to join them in Miami for a visit to Costa Farms 
to see the behind the scenes of how those plants you see in Lowe's get their start- I was excited to learn more.
And the entire process was fascinating.

From the tiny little seeds getting their start

to seeing them just starting to grow

to colorful and beautiful inspirations galore.

We toured the gardens and the greenhouses
and learned how much goes into each plant becoming the best.
And - it is a lot.

Some of the  amazing plants we learned about:
Big and small. 

Seriously such a cute little planter too.

Pops of color.
 These are all hand painted.

To something fascinating about orchids in Florida.
Did you know that you can tie and orchid to a palm tree 
and it just might grow right there?

Yes, it is true. And amazing.

Aside from the behind the scenes and the secrets
we saw gorgeous color baskets blooming away

talked about trends in gardens and containers


toured a 'she shed' 
and I fell in love with the flowers and plants over and over again.

That evening, 
Monrovia hosted a cocktail reception in the garden

complete with comfy furniture

and pretty ambiance

and then we moved on over to another spot in the garden 
for a dinner under the stars.

It was an amazing event and we learned so much about all that goes into breeding 
and growing the perfect plant and creating a beautiful garden.

I want to thank Lowe's, Costa Farms and Monrovia
 for a wonderful couple of days in Miami!

I have a super exciting and fun
project coming up that I can hardly wait to share with you.
Stay tuned for details.

Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!

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  1. Amazing pics.thank your for your post.i am still waiting for summer

  2. Loved the greenhouse tour, but the painted cacti just make me sad....
    What flowers did you plant in your garden that stopped blooming?
    Perennials will flourish for years and years, but do need to be divided every so often.

    1. There were a whole bunch - digitalis, scabiosa for a couple of them.I pretty much bought a lot of pretty faces! ;) It was something I didn't think about at the time- but yeah, they lasted maybe 5 years? or so and then just stopped. Wish I had known at the time about dividing them.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend a few days! I too am looking forward to Spring to be able to start putting out some colorful baskets and seeing my roses blooming.

  4. Love foxglove - they reseed like crazy here in my San Francisco backyard.
    Could I share an image from a few years ago?

    1. So pretty!! I would have loved if mine would have re-seeded! I will have to plant some new ones this year!

  5. Courtney looks like you had a fabulous time in Miami! It must of being so interesting to learn the whole process of growing beautiful plants! As I am covered in snow, I can only dream of a beautiful and colorful spring and patiently wait for it!! Have a wonderful day!

  6. What a fun trip that must have been! I love the car tire planters with pink paint. I remember the tire planters from three or four decades ago, but they were mostly left black or painted white. I didn't ever have any in my yard or garden back then but I thought they were a pretty smart way of containing plantings. Funny how times change and things once considered tacky are now the new "trends." I love it!

  7. It was nice to know you was hire in Miami oh yes all my orchid they attach to my tree my are full of flower this year they are in the from of my house people stop there car to look are them with different color not only that you take coconu
    She'll and you put much inside and plant the orchids in there
    I'm glad you enjoy been in Miami nice picture

    1. Wow that looks like an amazing event!! So cool to see how plants grow on a large scale. Dinner under the stars so perfect and those hanging lights LOVE!

      Lauren | Lovely Decor