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7 tips for inspired entertaining

Gold dishes, pink flowers and gold flatware table setting

Valentines Day is just around the corner
and then after that - Easter will be following not long after.
Spring entertaining season is on the way
and that can either excite you- or strike a bit of panic 
if you are not the entertaining type.

I have been taking over Birch Lane's instagram account for the past 2 days 
and sharing bits of a table setting and some tips on how to make entertaining easier
without sacrificing style.

Today- I am rounding those tips up to share here.
When entertaining it is easy to get stressed out trying to plan the perfect dinner
the perfect table, the perfect everything. But it doesn't have to make you crazy.
Believe me- that is not a good place to be when entertaining.
So what do I do?

#1. Think outside the box

Looking for a perfect tablecloth for that oversized table but don't have one on hand?
Look to your linen closet. 
Think ruffled bedskirt or duvet for a sumptuous gathered tablecloth 
that will set the stage for a gorgeous table.

Ruffled duvet cover as tablecloth at outdoor tablesetting

A bonus- you will usually have a nice length 
with a bedskirt or duvet as opposed to a cloth- which adds an extra amount of charm.

Gold dishes and pink flowers with gold flatware on rustic tabletop with raindrops

Or for another option- leave the table top bare. 
A favorite look of mine- rustic always works with elegant- and these dishes and gold flatware are a perfect mix with the reclaimed wood top.
( And yes, those are raindrops. El Nino wanted to participate in the photo shoot as I wrapped up.) 

#2. Let them eat cake

Cake and floral napkins with gold flatware

Let them eat a cake that is as gorgeous to look at as it is delicious.
And if you don't have time to bake from scratch- take the baking stress off the table and pick up a bakery cake and customize it
with fresh fruit,  almonds or coconut for a perfect look.
Simple, easy and delicious.

#3. A song starts with one note

 I always think first of ambiance and how I want my guests to feel when they sit down at the table 
and creating that ambiance is kind of like a song.  
I start with one piece such as flowers or dishes and build from there. 

Flowers and gold dishes on a rustic table top

As you add each element- the song starts to come together.
The colors and scent of the flowers, the flatware and the wine stems, the background music and a bevy of candles flickering away. 
They all play a part in how guests feel when they sit down and create ambiance.
Be warned though- guest may linger longer into the evening
so make sure you are prepared with after dinner sweets and treats.

#4. Mix and Mingle

Gorgeous gold detailed dishes are perfect for a romantic inspired table or
any table that you want to bring an extra sprinkling of glam to.

Gold dishes with vintage plates and gold flatware

But remember that place settings don't have to be matchy - matchy in a full entire set to be amazing.
These gold dishes are mixed with a vintage plate on top for a slightly different
and less 'designed' presentation.

#5. Market Flowers are your friend

You don't need to spend an outrageous amount of money on flowers to get a centerpiece 
that knocks your socks off.

flowers in sink being cut for centerpiece

Stop by your local market  and see what they have. 
Often times they will have a selection of roses that will work to mix
and also bits like wax flower or greens.

#6. Dazzle me

Silver trophy urn filled with flowers for centerpiece

This centerpiece was a total of about $30- and this is only about 3/4 of the purchase.
It does not show the extra flowers that I used in small glasses for a separate table. 
Clip your flowers short and place them all together in a fashion that your eye sees as perfect.
There is no wrong way- just play until they make you happy. 
For something unique- place them in a charming vessel such as a large trophy container 
or small glasses.

#7.  Go bold with gold

Table with gold dishes, cake and pink flowers

One of the easiest ways to bring a regal touch to a table setting is to use gold.
Flatware, gold rimmed stemware and dishes edged in dainty gold details is perfect.

And the best tip- don't stress out about entertaining.
It should be fun and something that is enjoyable for everyone involved.
Take care of as much as you can ahead of time-
and then when party time rolls around- you can sit back and relax and join your guests and enjoy.

I partnered with Birch Lane to share tips on entertaining
with you- and you can find the products used in these photos here

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  1. Good Evening,

    Love the post! What size bed skirt did you use please?

    1. Hi Cathy! I used a king but had to double and pin for out wonky table- honestly a twin would work perfectly for a standard size. Just remember that one end won't have the ruffle- so you may want to use 2 and overlap in the center ( does that make sense?) ️thank you for stopping by!

  2. Great tips Courtney....and the china is stunning! I never thought about using a bedskirt for a table cloth....Now I will need to be on the lookout for some bargain bedskirts!....Have a great week!....

  3. Love your tips. All the photos were awesome !

  4. Just beautiful. I adore the contrast between rustic and lush too. Thankyou for the tips. Mimi xxx