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Morning sunshine

Good morning sunshine. 

Floral bedding and flowers on the nightstand

There is something about gorgeous morning sunshine
spilling in through the french doors and windows that just absolutely invigorates me.

I am an early morning person... and a night owl at the same time.
Not sure that combination works well- but it is moi. 
I love the quiet early morning hours when the world is just starting to wake up
and for the past couple weeks, I have been sleeping with my windows open 
and reveling in the fresh air all night long.
Which means that at about 5 am 
 the sounds of the birds starting to sing outside my window
wakes me up with a soft tune

A cup of coffee on the nightstand with flowers

And I have been known to wander out to the kitchen
pour myself a cup of coffee and climb back into bed
to get a little work done right from that cozy spot.

Blush floral bedding close up

I am mildly obsessed with this new vintage style bedding...
and it is part of a whole new look coming your way.

Blush floral bedding with flowers

There is something so warm and sunshiney about it and it is the perfect
shade of barely blushing just like these market roses.

Blush colored roses with blue candle

Of course, I don't always work from bed... 
most mornings you will find me sitting cross legged on the sofa

Floral pillow on white sofa

 with a fire flickering in the fire place, a few candles glowing and coffee in hand
as I wake up and get some work done.

Fireplace in fireplace with vintage bench and flowers

I’m joining with 5 other bloggers to bring you a fun and simple
 French Country Design Series.

Waking Up to Croissants and Coffee -

Once a month we’ll post as a group our unique perspectives on a common theme
 and this is the first of our three month series, “Morning, Noon and Night”

Cedar Hill French Breakfast
Waking Up to Croissants and Coffee -

Housepitality Designs French Morning
Maison de Pax French Breakfast Bistro Table
Shabbyfufu flower market in france

What about you? What is your early morning routine?
Are you an early riser or do you prefer to sleep in a bit?

Blush floral bedding with flowers on the nightstand

See you this afternoon 
for Feathered Nest Friday.

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  1. Coming our way?...I cannot wait!...I love the gorgeous bedding Courtney....yes, it feels like a bed of those exquisite "barely blushing" roses. One cannot feel a sense of the utmost serenity when being in that room. What a wonderful way to start the day!....Have a great day Courtney!

  2. I used to be a morning person, getting up early and getting started. Now, not as takes me longer to get going than it used to....but once the coffee hits and and I've out...I'm going...and then by 3 I slow down, by 5 I think its dinner time....definitely, not a night owl by any means....

  3. I am amused and more than a little relieved to see I'm not the only one who gets work done in the bedroom... ;-) Love the new linens! Can't wait to see what more is coming. As for rising, the only time I see 5am is when I see it from the night before... lol! I am the absolute opposite of an early riser. Bring on the night!

  4. Your bed coverings reminds of a soft summer days with the beautiful roses. Tranquility:)
    Kathleen in Az

  5. What a nice relaxing way to start the day!

  6. Super cozy and I love those new linens! xo

  7. I love roses... Thank you from Italy. Elisa

  8. It all looks so cozy. I love that bedding too!!

  9. Beautiful,Can you tell me where you got the bedding?

  10. I love staying in bed in the morning not too long, just long enough to look around my new Master Bedroom and go ahh I love this room. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary and my husband and I redid out master bed, bath & closet. The closet is my favorite. I’ve been waiting 13 years for this and can hardly believe it in my room.
    Have a wonderful day
    Much Love,