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Tablecloth talk

You might have noticed something about my table settings.
Most often
 worn and weathered wood is going to win
 over a table linen every.single.time.

I crave that backdrop of rustic. 

And with the juxtaposition of elegant refined china patterns and dainty gold flatware...
Set atop the old worn it looks like someone beat that table top up backdrop-  
the combination makes my heart sing ooey gooey love songs.

But sometimes- you just need a cloth on the table.
Or maybe just want a cloth on the table.
And yesterday I shared a table setting that had a cloth on it for a change. 
And after a discussion on Facebook,  it made me think back to some of the table settings that I have done over the years that involved various cloths 
and I grabbed a few to share here
and realized something.

 All but one of them were not even tablecloths.

Outdoor table setting with flowers and sunset in background

So here is a look back at tables from years gone by... 
and just what I used in them that might inspire a bit... 
or make you think I am a little looney toons maybe. And the photography when I first started blogging? Oy... you will have to look past that a bit because some of those 'tablecloths' were pretty neat.

So starting way back when...

Blush Bedskirt
I used a Shabby Chic brand bedskirt 
and yikes- apologize for my dark grainy photos. 
This was in my iphone photography blogging time
and that was an old iphone- not one of today.

Blush bedskirt used as a tablecloth with bistro chairs

I have used a piece of simple burlap fabric

Burlap fabric on table with flowers outdoors

and then there was that big old ruffled tablecloth 
that I made out of burlap on a whim one day. 
I don't know but I thought for sure I would never get all those burlap fibers off of my clothes.
And out of my hair.

Ruffled Burlap tablecloth with flowers and french bistro chairs

Ruffled cloth

Another ruffled pretty- this time with just a simple cotton sheet with a double ruffle.

Ruffled tablecloth with french chair

This is actually a drop cloth painted to look like a grain sack...

Dropcloth with painted stripes for tablecloth

This is an oversized shirt.
Have to get creative sometime folks.

Gauze shirt used as a tablecloth

Okay- this actually IS a tablecloth... 
so see sometimes I do actually use things for what they are intended for.

Blue and white striped tablecloth with peach flowers

This is simply yardage of fabric draped on the table for a dramatic backdrop.

Black and white striped tablecloth with peach flowers

And yesterdays post with a bedskirt and duvet cover doubled on the table
for an added amount of charm

Ruffled white tablecloth on table

Of course, bare wood is my favorite- and is what I prefer most often
and so stay tuned for the blue and white with a rustic backdrop.

But these posts just show that you really can use anything for a tablecloth if you can't
find the exact look, style or size you need readily available.
And also just how much my style and photography has evolved over the years. ;)

So what about you- are you a bare wood tabletop kind or 
a  ruffly, fluffy, pretty cloth table top lover?

Hope your Tuesday is going well!

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  1. WOW!! You have really used about anything and done it very well! LOL


  2. Once I bought a cotton shower to use as a tablecloth. I cut a section off and made matching napkins. When you like a certain print, it doesn't matter its original intention!

  3. Once I bought a cotton shower to use as a tablecloth. I cut a section off and made matching napkins. When you like a certain print, it doesn't matter its original intention!

  4. Your tables are always beauty; but I love how your tablecloths add a different element.


  5. You certainly look beyond the obvious. I'm still scratching my head with the oversized shirt. And your photos are always super! Some of my old ones I'm going to take over but I'm waiting until I get my big girl camera :-) The rustic with romantic -- that is what you do soooooo well. I love the bare wood. Great ideas!

  6. All those great old photos are what built your beautiful blog!

  7. I agree 100 per cent. The wood looks so rustic and sets off the dishes beautifully.