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Inspirations~French Countryside Inspired Dining

Oh how I love Summer

Lazy days, warm nights, dinners outside 
and staying up late in the evening gazing at twinkling starry nights

You probably already know how much I love dining outside.
There is something about being outdoors just makes the food taste that much better
and makes the conversations linger that much longer.

So this months inspired theme was right up my alley
 Al fresco dining.

I  imagine if my home was in France
we would enjoy dining outside quite often among the flowers and nature

Outdoor dining is a big part of how we live during the warmer months here
so a table on the patio is always ready and waiting to host the next gathering.

I love rustic  mixed with elegant elements- so this table has a layer of burlap draped across it
and is set with simple white dishes and my grandmothers china.

 Yes, that is a yum alright.
A pear and blueberry galette in a serving for one size.

 Vintage silverware is stacked up waiting to be used 
and is tied with twine and a little purple bloom

Such little sweeties with their vibrant green centers

 A mix of market flowers and simple clippings from our yard
for a little bit of simple country charm 

We are fortunate in California to have a wonderful climate for staying outdoors
late into the evenings and Summer invites you to to relax among the fresh air
 and enjoy just one more bite of dessert
 or another glass of wine 

Entertaining is really not as much about entertaining as it is about simply being and enjoying.
The evening, the fresh air, the good food and laughter that comes when friends 
gather around the table.

Put together
the smells, beauty, food, ambiance and laughter
all combine to create wonderful moments and memories.

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  1. Such a pretty setting, Courtney! I love the contrast of the burlap and the pretty china! I am enjoying our little Country French design group!...hugs...Debbie

  2. All I can do is "sigh" at your incredible table and the most bucolic setting!...I so love seeing the tables you create outdoors!!

  3. The juxtaposition of burlap and fine china, stunning. Headed over now for some wine and dessert please :)

  4. I too agree that what makes this most special is the mix of rustic and elegant, as the combination of both aspects captures a balance or equilibrium that I think we all like to maintain. It's a respect for both beauty and luxury, while paying homage to nature; never letting us get too reliant on the man made, even if artisan made, when nature has so much beauty to offer. And yet truly beautiful man made objects enhance what nature has offered. A genuine collaboration that honors both refinement and that which we do not control. So lovely that even the sunlight cooperated, giving the sense that this is an honest team effort between artist and nature. Well done!

    Lory at Designthusiasm

  5. So dreamy! We love to eat outside too but my table isn't half as pretty as yours!


  6. Hi Courtney, so lovely and and special combination is the rustic and elegant, your Country French table are beautiful!!!!!!!

  7. Courtney, I love the touch of rustic texture mixed with the elegance of your grandmother's chins. I would love to spend the evening dining in this gorgeous alfresco setting.

  8. I'm always inspired by your luscious photography and gorgeous tablescapes. Just wish I were there in person.

  9. Courtney, everything is so beautiful!!

  10. This is a dreamy place! So lovely!

  11. So beautiful!! The setting AND the photography! Just so wonderfully done.