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When you fall out of love...

You happens to all of us sometimes.
Maybe you woke up one morning and looked around
and realized...
you have lost that loving feeling.

There is just something missing.
What once made your heart go thumpity thump when you walked in
now makes you crinkle your nose just a bit.

Maybe you didn't even notice it at first 
but now you can see that you have been falling out of love
for awhile.

It happens to all of us...
and no, I am not here to talk marital advice
 or relationships between people...

I am talking about relationships with your decor and your rooms.

What you once were head over heels in love with-
you are now feeling is a little stale or dated 
or maybe you have grown and changed and it is just plain
 not the look you love right now.

You love your home...but
you want to feel that new love fluttering again.

So what do you do when you have lost that loving feeling?

You start at the beginning with a 'hello' and then you start
romancing your home.

Just like in any new relationship- there is a start.
With your home and design and loving your rooms-
 it is no different.

The fun thing with romancing your home is
that you can make the simplest of changes such as a fresh color on the walls
pick out a new chair for your desk or maybe even a new lamp.
And  those are perfect for bringing a burst of sunshine 
and a burst of enchantment.
And they are easy ways to get bring back that loving feeling
without breaking the bank.

But... I know what you are thinking...
what if your vision is a little more involved.

Then shake it up even more.

Maybe it is a new piece of furniture that is larger than a chair
or a whole new look which means all new pieces- from furniture
to the curtains to the floor.

 Sometimes jumping into a larger refresh is exactly what you need
to fall in love with your room all over again.
And there again- you don't have to spend a ton just because your list is a mile long.
You decide what you need to spend the chunk of change on
 and what you can shop craigslist and yard sales for
and then create the look you love.

A couple weeks ago 
an idea for a new blog series popped into my head that was all about
 something I have been working on over here.

Romancing the home.

I have a couple different spaces that have been making me long for a change for awhile now.
Not that I don't love them. 
I do love them.
It's just that I want to change something in each of them.
Something simple like curtains...or maybe the whole look. 

So after lots of planning and back and forth detailing...
some romancing the home is going on over here.

As in I just ordered 2 things for one of them
and I'm picking something else up for one of the spaces this week.
And there is sawdust &  hammering happening currently as well.
It is getting exciting over here. 
Well, mostly on paper and in my mind so far but soon... ;)

So, let's talk inspiration and
what is inspiring me right now.

Weathered worn patina.

Simple elegance.

Rustic luxe with a bit of french country and maybe a touch of modern 
thrown in the mix.

Fabrics with exquisite details and romantic charm
and antiques mingling with new.
I cannot wait to shake things up a bit over here and make some changes.

I am going to be pinning inspirations to a couple new pinterest boards 
if you would like to follow along
 and will be sharing what we are doing for step one in a room
that looks somewhat similar to this...

Of course,  I will be randomly blabbing
about all the changes we are making and sharing all the details with you-
But what about you-
are you ready to romance your home?

Maybe a 4 week challenge would be fun?
From something simple one week to something more involved the next?
Maybe we can connect and chat details and ideas
in a Facebook group?

Let me know what you think!

I am off for now- but will see you early tomorrow for a new monthly tour
and then tomorrow afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. I love your comment about randomly blabbing........had a chuckle over that phrase! I liked the post and so true.

  2. full of sunlight.. so cozy..

  3. It's like getting a new "do" or changing your makeup for a fresh look. You look in the mirror and way -- that's what I want. I really want to start with paint -- the walls are dark and drab and I haven't changed the look in ( I want to whisper this ) 12 years. I know. I know. How could I possibly have lived with it for so long. Habit. Just like walking into a room and not paying attention. You've inspired me and I love Romancing the home. Can't wait to see what you're doing.

  4. I know exactly what you'e talking about with falling out of love with a room- I'm going through a serious divorce with my bedroom right now! Loved this post, beautiful photos as always <3

  5. I totally get where you are coming from Courtney. A 4 week challenge sounds fun. We may be making a big change soon so I am busily trying to declutter our home and freshen things up a bit.

  6. Love the idea of your new design series...and you had me at hammering and sawdust too!....Can't wait....and the whole time while reading this post..I cannot get that song by the Righteous Brothers out of my know the "you lost that loving' feeling" one....:)

  7. i love the idea of romancing your home. i have had a few projects percolating in my head for awhile now & i need to just get moving. thanks for the inspiration as always! xo- maryjo

  8. Great ideas, Courtney! I think you're on to something and the Facebook group is a great start! I will be looking forward to hearing more! -Amanda

  9. What a great post. Can not wait to see what your up to.:) I could use some ideas about a desk for my self, and some inspiration for the walls of my bedroom.Looking forward to talking on facebook.
    Be Blessed