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Weekend Travel Sausalito

Oh Sausalito... 

Not sure if you could get any prettier than you already are.

With an abundance of blooming beauty
architectural gorgeousness
and just plain amazing weather
I am ready to move right on over.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the city for a couple of meetings
(and a stop at the flower market of course!) 
and my husband I decided to stay for a night in Sausalito.

There was a bit of hiking on the agenda...
and sight seeing because even though we are blessed to live right here- 
you just have to be a tourist when you see things like the Golden Gate in all that gorgeous glory
with the city of SF in the background.

So, I brought out my camera 
and snapped away as we toured around a bit.

Things that I noticed?

A lot of steep stairs.

Sausalito is filled with stairs- 
as the city is literally built on the side of the hill
so, to get from point A at sea level to point B at the top-
one must climb.
And that one below? 
Well that was a leg workout doozy of a climb.
It literally kept going up and up and up around every bend.

And yes, I pretty much made it a thing to capture snaps of the stairs
that we either climbed 

or walked by or that just talked to me.

So gorgeous.

One of my favorite stops in Sausalito is Fort Baker.

It is on the way to Sausalito when coming off the Golden Gate
and it is such a charming little area filled with history.
Not to mention- incredibly photogenic.

They actually have a lodge here that you can stay in if you would like to as well.
This is the view of that famous bridge from the property just beyond the housing area.

And through the tunnel and across to the other side of the mountain 
you will find the Marin Headlands and an abundance of amazing hiking area and just plain gorgeousness in the Golden Gate National Recreation area.

One of my favorite things over in this area is the historic ruins.
And I snapped a TON of photos of vignettes that caught my eye. 

There is an abundance of old crusty rusty buildings that are standing quietly atop the mountain as a testimony to the history of the SF area.

Of course- OFF LIMITS meant- check it out to this rebel over here. ;)

I loved the simple details and 'moments' like 
this old rusted iron link on that faded green wall.

And the more crust covered the better in my opinion

I also loved the juxtaposition of such beauty mingling with 
forgotten pieces of history.

And something you may not be able to see super well in this photo
a single candle on the old mantel that was lit. 

I noticed it as we walked by and was mesmerized by the spooky feeling this 
dilapidated, graffiti covered room had
with that old fireplace and one candle to light it.

After that- it was onto more photos of that most amazingly beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.

It is funny to think how much fun I had snapping photos of all of this
when I grew up in this area and have lived here most of my life.
So it is not something new to discover by far-
but sometimes, you look at things you see every day 
through the lens of the camera and see it differently.

Such a fun couple of days in the city
and so much exciting stuff coming your way after that meeting.
I can hardly wait to share more with you soon!

And don't forget to follow along on Instagram  
to find out just what I am up to this weekend.
Hint: It has something to do with 'patina' 

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I love looking at the old batteries up there. I think you were at one where there's this HUGE face graffiti and it reminds me of the big Candyman mural from the movie. It ALWAYS freaks me out!!

  2. I have visited SF once and fell in love. We did take a trip over to Sausalito and had lunch and walked around the area. I was a mazed at the houseboats, just beautiful. Thanks for the tour!

  3. Did you have the time to enjoy Sushi Ran or visit Heath?
    Old town Sausalito, especially around Caledonia, is so quietly charming.

  4. This really made me want to grab my camera and go outside! I love the rusty old fixtures.

  5. I Love Love Love it in Sausalito! Loved the North Bay visited there often when my hubby was working on a Bridge there. We are just North of there in Sacramento, CA. Happy you enjoyed your trip! :)