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Summer Entertaining The BEST simple Lavender Lemonade (and a video)

When it comes to entertaining any time of the year
 I am all about simple & easy.

lavender lemonade with fresh lavender garnish

I don't want to be that crazy woman in the kitchen 
scrambling at the last minute to get the appetizers and drinks ready to go
before everyone arrives for a get together.
I want to be more like a girl who is sipping a glass of wine and putting her feet up 
for a few minutes while waiting for guests to arrive.

But  at the same time I am all about simple and easy - 
I am  big on beautiful presentation.

And this lavender lemonade does double duty 
in the delicious AND pretty departments in big way.

Lavender Lemonade isn't something new.
 There are dozens of recipes out there on google
with twists like adding a splash of vodka or champagne for an adult beverage
or maybe a little rosemary for a different flavor all together. 
But today, I am sharing a simple recipe that involves just a few ingredients-
simple rules over here.

lavender lemonade close up

Easy Lavender Lemonade

1 gallon water
2 cups sugar
5-6 sprigs of fresh lavender - or you can use a tablespoon dried lavender available at the market
2 cups fresh lemon juice 
Mint leaf (optional)

Bring the water and sugar to a boil in a large pot and then remove from heat.
Add lavender sprigs (which can be found at the grocery store) and lemon juice and let it all mingle together while it cools to room temperature. 
Strain the mixture & then chill until ready to serve.

Lavender Lemonade in champagne flutes with fresh lavender for garnish

Serve with ice and garnish a sprig of lavender 
and a mint leaf for pretty presentation.

Seriously simple- and delicious- and amazingly pretty on your summer table.

And something fun? 
I also made a video with Wayfair- all about making this recipe. 
Would appreciate your views and thumbs up over at YouTube if you are so inclined
You can watch the video by clicking the link or photo below

Lavender lemonade in champagne flutes

 Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!!

Happy Friday

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  1. Looks refreshing. I have tons of lavender, too.

  2. This looks amazing! I've totally fallen in love with lavender recently and really want to give this a go. I've saved this post so that next time I have people over I can whip up a batch of tasty drinks

    Steph -

  3. I'm planting lavender again. We live in the Midwest and we had a horrible winter and my lavender died. I miss it. I'm saving your recipe to make this beautiful drink. Thanks for the great inspiration!!

  4. Loved your video. Lavender is my favorite everything...color, scent, name it. Keep the great lavender recipes coming