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Weekend View

The weekend view?
It involves paint. 

I mentioned before that we have a big summer party coming up next month for my daughter who graduated High School in December 
and my sons girlfriend who is graduation from college is next week.
And that means... 
there are at least 3 dozen things on my project to do list
 to get refreshed, restyled
 and just plain wrapped up in the next few weeks. 

I also have a bit of travel for work 
and moving my middle guy in the mix- 
and would you believe I am starting to work on some super exciting photography for Christmas?  
(yes, I said the Christmas word in June) 
More there soon... 
but this week, it was all about paint, flowers & the beach. 

Simply White

This weekend, I started tackling the living room refresh- 
a fresh coat of creamy dreamy white. 

And  in between painting the mantel, trim
 (and lofty goals for a girl with a bad shoulder... the ceiling)
 I am photographing another refresh, wrapping up some print work 
and gearing up to share a few new looks with you.

Side Project

I am working on a couple of side projects that I am super excited about and that might involve - 
wait for it... 

 I know that is a surprise ;) 
but I hope you will like what I am up to. 
Fingers crossed I can share some of it in the next couple of weeks.

At the Beach

I could live at the beach and one day, we would love to move to the California coast. 
But for now, we visit whenever we get a chance. 
And this week, my oldest son and his girlfriend moved 
and so, off we went with a truckload of furniture 
and house and home bits.

 I think we need to bring more to them next week. 
And the next week. And the next.

THE Bathroom Project

And a peek at the bathroom project that has been eating up oodles of time and has about broken my already bad shoulder... but soaking in that tub... so worth it!

And over on the Style Illuminated blog- I shared a few favorite mirrors.
Which one do you like best?

That is it for todays random weekend round up.
I am off on a quick jog 
and then to the paint store for a gallon of semi gloss.

See you soon for a few fun summer looks,
tips on creating a spa feeling in your bathroom 
and much more.


  1. Beautiful photos. You are very busy and also productive. I enjoy your posts. Blessings

  2. I love your blog, but you are torturing be with all the photos of the peonies!!!! They are my favorites and don't grow out here in the desert!!! Jealous!!!

    1. Sorry Nancy!! I would have to order some in I think! I know that Bouqs sells them along with a couple other online florists- but I think peony season is just about done for now. :(

  3. I love your blog but you are torturing me with a of the beautiful photos of the peonies!! They are my favorites and they don't grow out here in the desert!!! Jealous!!