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How to decorate a simple and charming mantel for a party

I am in love with simple decor.

Something with just a touch of gold
a sprinkling of pretty
and a whole lot of charm
without a whole lot of work.

Because... I am usually running around like a wild woman
doing this and adding that to the to-do list 
especially before a party- 
5 minute decorations kind of speak my name.

Because, I am one of those people who when I start one project
it leads to 5 more
and before I know it, I am painting the mantel
re-doing the ottoman 
and changing curtains.
While refinishing floors, traveling for work and moving my middle guy 
and his girlfriend back home. 

Safe to say it has been a little crazy town over here.
But crazy town and all,
 I was plotting and planning party decor for the graduation party.
Such as making paper flowers and pom poms
and cutting a cute banner out of card stock to hang on the chalkboard.

But when I walked into Target 
and found the most adorable gold metal banner saying 'Congrats'-
the idea of spending time making a DIY banner was out the window
and putting that banner in the cart happened 
in about 10 seconds.

Originally, I planned to hang the banner on the chalkboard in the dining room
but because this one is a little on the short side 
it looked much better in the center of the fireplace mantel.

When I host a party, I always gravitate towards simple and natural.
I wanted our house to look like it does every day -
 just a little dressed up for the party
rather than something that screamed 
 'Look at me all decked out in party decorations'

So I worked with what I usually have on the mantel
 and simply added a few things.

Those stacks of vintage books and that brassy gold antique mirror 
were dressed up with 
a pair of candelabras 
 a few vintage bottles with fresh cut garden spray roses,
and that simple charming metal 'Congrats' banner.
And that was it.

I also added a few more fresh cut roses to the bench in a favorite new barely blushing planter
but really, the living room decor was simple and charming 
and done in 5 minutes.

You might notice a few changes in the living room right now.
As I mentioned, crazy town over here. 
And yes, I literally did re-do a piece of furniture for the living room
and start another mantel project that involved nails and glue
right before the party.

Because when you save time on one thing- 
you decide to add in other projects.
Or maybe it is because I am a little on the crazy side.

I will share more about those projects in a separate post.
And coming your way bright and early tomorrow morning-
a fun summer tour sharing outdoor spaces all lit up in the evening.

Happy Wednesday everyone

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  1. Those roses are gorgeous. When I cut some roses from my garden, I was dismayed at how many bugs came spilling the house. I suppose there's a trick for that.
    Your decorations make for a festive atmosphere. Have fun with your returnees!

  2. Your roses are gorgeous. From your garden? If so, how do you prevent a bug invasion? Mine seem to be loaded with critters. As long as the roses are happy, I leave the bugs be, but that doesn't mean they're welcome in the house.
    The banner is very festive! Have fun with your returnees.

  3. I love the idea of some party decor being quickly grabbed from a store, the banner is very charming. But the roses bring everything together so nicely! That pink color is beautiful!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your laid back party style! :)
    Jennelise xo

  5. Where did you find the beautiful chandelier candelabras flanking the fireplace? Exquisite.

    1. They are all from Wayfair vyiu can find the candelabras by searching Aidan Gray and the chandelier link is in this blog post :

  6. I love your kind of decoration so much!