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Weekend view

It is the middle of August... 
and I am fully enjoying those lazy summer days
soaking up a little bit of sunshine and relaxing outdoors..

and also noticing a certain crispness in the morning air.
It is hard to believe that we are almost into the land of pumpkins 
and colorful crimson leaves already.

I have started planning decor for several room tours coming your way-all involving all things fall
and have been working on a few simple changes.

Sometimes, I just feel like shaking it up a bit and trying something new. 
And one of the best things about working freelance as a photographer for companies-
 is the opportunity to do just that. 

#1. Something New 

Something that I was photographing for catalog-
 knocked my socks off in my room.  And so for now, it will be staying. 
I will share more about it and how easy it is to make a room feel completely different
in about 10 minutes

#2. GMC Yard Sale

I came back from the GMC Yard Sale energized and filled up with such a good feeling.
 It is a trip that I always say I would do every.single.year. if they would let me.
And this year, I had a bit of a different role-but being able to experience the energy and all around amazing amount of good people doing good things-
was insanely awesome. 

#3. Ouch

What happened in Vegas definitely didn't stay in Vegas this time.
My shoulder pretty much froze up on me after an injury. No fun.
Ave Home
It is slow going on getting better...but getting there.

#4. Where are all the flowers?

I am always up for a drive through the wine country- and living so close to all that gorgeousness makes it easy to hop in the car and take a drive. 

Earlier this week, after searching the local markets several times and calling the always good bigger local markets - I discovered that for some reason there was a lack of any type of flowers in any house.  We decided to run over to the wine country, do a little wine tasting
 and pick up some blooms right at the growers greenhouse.
And they are amazing...

#5. Outdoor Lights for the win

And over at Lamps Plus blog this week~all about outdoor lighting 
with amazing amounts of charm.
Like this cutie patootie... loving the scrolly details.

Coming your way in the next couple weeks-
 all about French inspired fall with the first of 3 French Fall stylings making an appearance in print this month. 
More about the GMC Yard Sale.
A fireplace facelift
Fall Home Tour
and much much more.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Great photos, looking forward to fall also.