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Wine Country, Flowers & Why you need a good tripod

Yesterday, we drive through the wine country
on rolling winding roads
past rows of grapes, gnarly old vines and beautiful old barns.

 We stopped at a winery for a bit to eat and the entrance was lined in oak trees

that have just started to drop some of their leaves.

And you know what that means right?

Well, it means two things.
That is has been HOT here. 

As in HOT HOT HOT and the trees are protesting.

And that even though it is just the 12th of August...
that the bit of crisp starting to show up in the morning air and those falling leaves 
means that fall is just around the corner.

So as we drove past the grapes and the oak trees and through all the majestic that California wine country is... I started to make a few mental notes about ideas for fall decor. 
All while I have a Christmas tree up in the house.

Seasonally confused is my middle name it seems-
 especially since I loaded up on gorgeous summer garden roses and dahlia's at a
 flower grower yesterday.

How could I resist? 
I picked up a few bouquets for styling jobs
and a few just to enjoy. 

You will be seeing just where these flowers end up soon but today,
we are back to photography tips and 
a repost of my photography series for Friday Favorites.

Today it is about a tale... 
and why you
(yes, you do) 

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Your photos from Tuesday and today are good, Thanks for the info on getting a tri pod. The colors from those grapes would make great colors for this fall. :) Enjoy your trip.

  2. OH YES! The crisp in the morning! The leaves seem to rustle in the wind a little bit more and the sunsets are a little more golden! Yes a tripod is definitely amazing!