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Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

The first official first day of fall is coming up this week
and yes, in between the 95 degree days-
 the nights have been dipping into the low 60's and bringing 
just a sprinkling of fall in the air.

I am gearing up for a busy couple of weeks of travel
and styling projects in between-and a busy couple of months of behind the scenes projects
and much more. But this weekend, it is all random.
We are talking fall, fires, sneak peeks, lamps, table settings 
and more.

The first outdoor fire of the season

It happened last week. 
We love to sit outside in the evenings and relax all year long-and when a chill is in the air, the fireplace becomes the place to be.
 Last week, it was a little on the chilly side as the night air moved in- 
we actually even had rain for a bit in the middle of the night which is pretty unusual. 
So we lit the fire and warmed up by it for a bit. 
And we are back into the mid 90's again this week.

Early autumn in the cottage

Last week, I shared a peek at the early autumn that began appearing in the cottage. The cottage is definitely a little more on the rustic side design wise- and it is always fun to play up that rustic cabin type charm a bit more out there. 

I also joined an amazing group of blog friends for a one day tour - and you definitely won't want to miss any of them- find the links to each of them in my post.

Whole Foods Haul

Did you know that the other day I was desperate to find a few decent flowers for a last minute job with a quick deadline? I was. And of course, none in the local markets at all. 
I called the SF flower market to place an order for the next day - and it was already past my favorite vendors hours. So a quick why not try it call to Whole Foods- and a major score. 
Someone had placed an order for a wedding and there was a ton of extra that was available. Things like Cafe au Lait dahlias, thistle, seeded eucalyptus and so.much.more.  I might have gone a little crazy loading up- but the job was wrapped that evening. 

Pumpkins and more

Another haul that same day?  Cinderella pumpkins are And on the porch. 
This is a sneak peek of a post coming your way on Thursday.

Over at Style Illuminated this week- it was all about finding your perfect floor lamp

And at HomeGoods Design Happy blog- it is all about autumn table setting ideas- and sharing a few of my favorites.

And speaking of table settings... 
I will be sharing a table setting this week that is all about creating a little bit of drama 

along with more on that outdoor porch styling
and how I find a little bit of quiet time in autumn.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. These beautiful autumn rooms and displays should entice autumn to push summer aside for another year. As much as the warm weather is appealing,I love having definite seasons. Each one brings its own special gift.

  2. Those pumpkins are so pretty. They're called courge in French--you buy a chunk for soup.
    I love your pumpkin pillows, too!