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Puppy love

A quick break in the decking the halls and all things merry and bright
to talk about early morning shenanigans & this guy.

It started just like it always does...
with the little click of grand dog toes as he quietly walked down the hall.
 And then the pause outside our bedroom door as he listens to see if anyone is awake.

I try to stay in bed and ignore the middle of the night party invite...
 but it is only a matter of time before I am getting up and grabbing my robe
and grumbling a bit about how early it is.
And Sebastian literally spins in circles in excitement.
You see, he doesn't like to party alone.

And seriously. Look at that face. 
You simply cannot stay mad at a little dachshund wearing striped pajamas. 
 And he knows it. 

When Stella & Chewy's reached out to me recently
and asked if I wanted to share the story of our dogs
and the ways that they add so much to our every day-
I was excited to share a bit more about them
 and just how these two lovable bits came into our lives.

Did I ever tell you that Sebastian was a rescue dog? 
He was one that had been at the pound for quite awhile. 
And because of a back problem and his quirky personality, they didn't really think he was adoptable.
But there was something about him that my son and his girlfriend fell in love with
 (that innocent face maybe?) ;)
and they brought him home one day- quirks and all.
It took a little bit of time for him to trust that he was staying and not going back to the pound- but once he did- he relaxed and he definitely has become king of the house. 

This little guy and the story behind him waiting for that forever home
was the inspiration for us adopting that lovable ball of fur 
5 year old 4 lb Sweet Pea.
I shared the story about Sweet Pea when we first brought her home in March
and she definitely seemed like she was meant to join our family.
From her sweet personality to the huge amount of love she brings- 
and she now knows that my camera is always not far away -
 and she happily poses and stares at me
when I photograph her.

You could say she has stolen my heart big time. 

Adopting a dog is something that is as much as gift to you as it is to the dog.
It seems that those dogs that spend time waiting for someone to take them home
are so grateful to have someone who loves them and they are ready to love you back
even more. If you are thinking about adopting, I definitely recommend giving those dogs who are waiting for someone a chance to be a part of a family. 

So when Stella & Chewy's told me about their Meal Mixer challenge -
 I was excited to give these two some of their food to try- we have actually had a hard time finding food that they liked that did not cause any issues with allergies.
This dog food is basically soft little bits that you can mix into your regular food for a boost. 
It is a raw food and made without grain- and yes, they are also a complete meal all on their own.

Our dogs are definitely on the picky side so honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect.
I gave them each a couple of nibbles to try- which they devoured in 2 seconds
 and they both stared at me and not so patiently waited for another.
And just as I asked if they wanted one more...
that party animal grand dog of mine jumped up and grabbed the bag right out of my hand
 and tried to run off down the hall with it.

I kid you not.
I am going to have to take a video - he has grabbed the food 3 times now.

So, I would say that this food is a hit.
And that we will definitely be keeping a couple of bags handy for adding to their kibble
and for a little snack here and there.

Are you interested in offering Meal Mixers to your dogs?
 If you do be sure to enter Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixer Challenge for a chance to win $1,000 in their Mixers, a PetChatz pet camera valued at $400 and more! To enter post a photo or video of your dog trying Meal Mixers (product package must be in shot) to Stella & Chewy’s Facebook page or to your Instagram along with #MealMixerChallenge. Full rules and details can be found here:

Today I am off to sprinkle a bit more Christmas magic around the house
and I am baking a cheesecake... but in a very untraditional kind of way.
That will be coming your way next week.
And don't forget to enter to win the gift card on my post yesterday.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Stella & Chewy's. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Love this post. We have adopted two special needs dachshunds and they have repaid us in kind many, many times over.

  2. I have three dachshunds and rescued one with a terrible back as well. Hopefully his back improves. I found doing water therapy for my doxie really helped him- I put him a bathtub 3x a day with water half way up and helped him walk back and forth and then let him soak in it while I massaged his back legs with sweet almond oil. He was paralyzed and within six months with this and Prednisone he was up and walking and has never looked back since! :) Best wishes!

  3. Oh the dogs are darling. They do bring so much joy and love to us. I have 2 rescued dogs also and they are the very best and as long as I am alive they will have a forever home.

    Unfortunately Waldo is on a special diet for his liver, so I have to purchase Hills Prescription Dog food.

    Enjoy your sweet dogs.


  4. Your fur babies are just too cute! No dogs at this moment , but maybe some day. Cute photos.

  5. The cuteness of the little ones is precious:). Perfect models for your charming home. Yes, how can you not smile and play with Sebastian with his eyes looking at you with love and of course hope! He looks like my chihuahua, we thought Bella ( our rescue ) was part Doxie. Sweet Pea needs a diamond collar, she looks like a little princess:). I love this post, it makes my heart happy that people rescue animals, to give them a loving home.
    Hoping the weather in Northern California is feeling like Fall, Kathleen in Az

    1. Our sweet Bella was a chi. She passed away in summer last year and it was so hard. It took me a bit to feel like I was ready for another little furball to love. But we all feel like she picked Sweet Pea because it was such a by chance to find her when we did. And as far as fall weather- 80 here today :) but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment Kathleen. xo

  6. Adorable little pooches. Such sweet faces!!!

  7. The loveliest of posts, so glad you wrote this, because you are so right. Rescue is the way to go when you are thinking about having a dog. And I speak from experience. There are so many lovely, sweet, unwanted dogs in compounds, rescues etc. that want, need, deserve a forever family. And they are so, so grateful. Both my husband and I have had dogs in the past that we bought (hate that word in connection to animals) the regular way, as a puppy. This time around we were in the process of buying a beautiful Jack Russel puppy from a breeder when I happened upon a website of stray dogs in Spain, a Dutch man rescued them over there, socialized them until they were ready for adoption. We changed our mind that evening and adopted a beagle/basset mix of 10 months old, had him flown (one of our national airlines sponsors this rescue and flies them over for free) to our country (The Netherlands) and Whopper (the name we gave him) became a member of our family. We could not be happier. He is the kindest, sweetest, most grateful dog ever. So happy with every meal, every toy, every walk and a friend to all people and dogs. He gets petted and talked to by so many people in the street or when we sit at terrace downtown having lunch or coffee, he just seems to ooze 'love me' 'love me' and makes people smile when they make eyecontact with him and he starts wagging his tail. #adoptdontshop #rescueisthenewblack and all that. Really.