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Simple early Christmas touches

 Just a sprinkle of Christmas 
and cheer appearing early in the season.

Like a sugar frosted tree wearing nothing but twinkling lights.
a fresh French country toile on the bed
pinecones and subtle touches of gilded elegance.

I am decking Christmas all through the house right now.
I am covered in bits of frosted sprinkles
and am singing along with Christmas carols
and rocking around the tree.

And though I am sharing a peek into the bedroom today...
it is really just a peek of what is to come.
And I have a confession...

Did you know that I ordered the most amazing red toile bedding,
pretty pillows, charming Christmas wreaths, bits and baubles for the guest bedroom for this tour?
I did.
And did you know that out of the blue, 
my guest bedroom had some last minute visitors spending several days with us? 
Which was completely fantastic and I was so excited about.
Except, when I found out they were coming,
I was across the US at High Point Market.
I hadn't decked the guest bedroom for Christmas yet with
all those pretty things that had just arrived  to play with for todays post.
So that occupied guest bedroom meant I was changing things a bit in my bedroom for this styling.
And sometimes- those little changes in the original plan work perfectly.

My bedroom is all about simple elegance.
Well, other than yes, I have a full sized tree and a fireplace mantel to decorate in there.
But I don't go crazy color wise or with a whole lot of holiday decor.
At least not at the beginning of November.
My favorite look is always full of simple elegance.
That delicate dance that sprinkles the room with seasonal decor
without overwhelming my style and everyday look.

I did put up the tree already... but it is not decorated just yet.
But it is coming your way very soon...

For this early Christmas styling
I brought in
 a bit of glistening gold and a little twinkle
and a whole lot of charm.

This twinkling tree pillow completely stole my heart the minute it arrived.

And  a bit of traditional color for a more bold sprinkle of Christmas cheer
with that whimsical woodland toile bedding.

Have I ever told you how much I love toile?
Red, blue, green, yellow- you name it-  I love it all.
But my very first toile love- is red.
And when I saw this red toile bedding-and the price- you can bet that it went into
 my cart immediately.
It is absolute love and it brings a perfect holiday touch.

On the mantel 

a couple sprigs of fresh greens from the yard, a few frosty baubles 
and vintage silver trophies that I packed back from High Point Market with me.

I have a huge love affair with vintage silver and have been on the lookout for
 vintage trophies for awhile now.

And when I walked into a cash and carry shop in High Point and found a whole shelf full for sale-
well, about 8 of them came home with me
and they are finding their way all over the house.

And you will be seeing much more about all of them soon.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at a few early sprinklings of Christmas that are 
appearing in the house.
And stay tuned because you won't want to miss so much more that is coming your way
including just how I style my bedroom and tree for the holidays this year.

And today I am joining my Farmhouse blogging friends in sharing a holiday bedroom look as well.

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Find the pieces I used here: (affiliates)

And stay tuned for a closer look at those trophies,
and a whole lot of easy on the work but big on the impact Christmas ideas coming your way
along with several Christmas room reveals
an appearance on a  t.v. show (yikes!) 
and much much more!

Happy November 1st everyone!

I partnered with Birch Lane to bring a bit of Merry and Bright to the bedroom
but all designs and opinions and love of my Wayfair family is my own.

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  1. I love the trophy cup with the pink roses and red berries and bit of green. The perfect combination to start the season.

  2. It is all beyond beautiful Courtney! the toile bedding and glad that you found the trophies at the Market!

  3. The images from this post are simply breathtaking! I'm awed by your skill as a photographer. I love, love, love that red toile bedding!

  4. Very nice! Always love your style!

  5. Beautiful Courtney! 😍 Your photo of the toile comforter set makes the print more appealing than the one Wayfair has. Just saying. Not being mean, its just your way of pulling it together is prettier. If Wayfair reads comments, which I know some companies do, ya'll should include Courtney's photo in there with the product photo. ❤️

    The new bed is lovely too. I must have missed the email on that one. Of course, I loved the layered headboard look you had since the beginning of your blog too.

    I recall reading something about a change to your buffalo print settee.... Hmm. Have to tell you it looks pretty nice next to your nestled and folded toile comforter. Those two patterns play beautifully together.

    Can't wait to see what you did with this mystery change. I know it must be something pretty amazing that inspired you since I'm pretty sure that print and sofa is one of your favorite things ever. 🙌🏻❤️😘

    It's nice to be seeing the transition into Christmas popping up too. I love it so much.


  6. I forgot to hit notify so I'm leaving another one so I remember to come back. In my opinion, I would like to get notifications for all replies automatically. I prefer it on my blog too. ❤️

  7. Beautiful! I love toile, too. As a child, I had a red toile nightgown that my mother must have bought me. I wore it until it fell apart. I still have the sleeves {for the reason that it was beautiful, and also because even at seven years old I was becoming a seamstress} and think of cutting a piece and framing it. The print is beautiful and very well printed compared to some of today's printing ~ much finer detail.

    Can I ask? A few years ago, Courtney, you had posted up some red toile patio chair pads on your patio set... Is that still available? Looking for new ones for our patio set.

    Thank you!

  8. I love all of your subtle Christmas decorations. What a great way to get a head start on decorating and putting one in a Christmas mood! I'm in a Christmassy mood this year! But my decorating style has always been more traditional with red and green. I'd hate to change all of it at this time, so I think I need to figure out how I can decorate for the season without changing my traditions...hmmmm....a challenge.

    Cindy Bee

  9. all the bedrooms look so pretty, love your new bed coverlet.

  10. Love this post Courtney! The bedroom is dreamy!

  11. Your bedroom is beautiful! I love the Winter toile... I use a red toile in my Christmas bedroom too, but it is since I was in college! Maybe I need to update and get a new one... Also, I love your bed! Where did you get it from?

  12. Always beautiful,elegant,soft and pretty! All the elements I LOVE!
    Thank You Courtney

  13. I adore the red toile bedding and Christmas tree pillow. The links don’t seem to take me to them though. Any help would be appreciated! The whole room is stunning and so festive!

  14. I love the red toile bedding too! However, the ones on Wayfair do not seem to be a match. They all look more burgundy color. Would love to know the exact name. Thanks so much!