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Friday Favorites~ The easiest way to give your room a new look

You might remember that post a few months back where I talked about changing my outfit.

And how interestingly enough... the new outfit looked very similar to what I wear all the time.
But sometimes you need a little something different that changes the whole look
and these french canvas wall panels were exactly what the dining room needed.
A burst of freshness with a new look but that also kept my style.
And since sharing this post- 
 I have gotten so many questions about how to put these panels up.

Can you staple them, can you use tape, 
can you go over a chair rail or something like that.

And so today, I am sharing what worked for me.
And I have to say...  it was so easy.

I have actually put these up on two separate rooms- and with two different ways.
But one was definitely better than the other so lets talk about that one first.

Here is what you need:

Small finish nails
A hammer
a level or someone who can help make sure it is straight it for you
Double sided tape

With the dining room panels...
I had that huge full sheet of plywood chalkboard to contend with.

And this chalkboard is attached directly to the wall- so it was either take it down- or go over it.
I decided to see how the panels looked right over the top of the chalkboard.

I started the edge of the panel right underneath the crown moulding- 
but it did leave a big gap at the bottom
These are not long enough for an average sized ceiling height- let alone one that is taller.

Simply nail each top corner of the first panel.
Then smooth and tack the bottom corners as well for a nice smooth look.

You can see that the panel goes right over the chalkboard without any issue
so I think you would be okay to put on a wall with chair rail or other type of moulding.

Up next- repeat tacking the top and bottom corners 
with the second panel. Something to note is to make sure you line up the scene elements
 like the tree branches, etc.

Then repeat with the third panel.

After both or all three panels are up (depending on which style you chose) 
go back to the seams and use a piece of double sided tape to attach them to the wall and to also
keep them together nice and neat.

The other question I had was about using double sided tape to simply
tape these panels to the wall. And honestly, I tried that out in the cottage for a bedroom
and it just did not work well at all.
These panels are canvas and are heavy and the tape did not keep them up
and happy for long.

If you decide to try the tape rather than the nails-
 I would suggest making sure that you have extra 
to add (rather than just the top and bottom areas) to keep it attached.

And with staples- I think that would work well also- just make sure you have long enough staples
to help hold the heft and keep on the wall.

Seriously so simple and easy and such a great way to change the entire look of the room
without doing anything more permanent like wallpaper or paint.
And if you are looking for your own set of panels-
these are discontinued unfortunately- but you can find similar looks here:

Happy Friday Favorites everyone.


  1. This is so amazing. But how tall is each panel, since they flow from one to the next?

  2. Absolutely, perfectly exquisite! It's beautiful and love how 'relatively' easy it was!


  3. I SO want a set of these gorgeous've displayed them perfectly!

  4. Love the look and I would so do this in my home or studio.
    Beautiful Courtney.
    Yét its always beautiful here with you.