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Simple romance & a special Valentine

One of my favorite Valentine gifts from my husband 
was one that was full of simple romance.

It didn't involve a special diamond engagement ring or extravagant something special
or even a little blue box...
it was one that involved a sweet thought 
and a doily.

I am joining several blog friends today to share a few ideas for wining and dining
your Valentine
and if you are coming over from
Randi Garrett and her amazing home and post- 

I am not a huge Valentines girl... though I am a huge romantic at heart.
I love all things sprinkled with romance.
Pretty flowers (hello!)
romantic surprises
and yes, little treats in little blue boxes.
But I also love simple romance.

And do you know what is funny about simple romance?
It is something you can do every day
and not have to go crazy.
Simple romance can be your husband stopping to pick a few field flowers for you on the way home 
Baking someone's favorite dessert 
a quiet drive together on a country road
holding hands and talking by the fire
or a quiet candlelit dinner outdoors.
It can also be that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Lets be honest- 
when you have wild morning hair and no make-up and you shuffle out to the kitchen in your slippers and your husband hands  you coffee and smiles at you?
That is romantic.

And then there was that year back in the day when my husband and I 
were a young couple with a young family.
And at the market while shopping my husband and I wandered through
the red and pink covered card aisle 
and looked at those store bought Valentines cards that were all fancy and huge and amazing.
You know the ones. 
They are those 12" tall hearts that said 'Will you Be Mine' 
that are covered with all those razzle dazzle glittery bits 
and filled with sentiments that someone who was so.good. at writing down
what everyone was thinking wrote.
But that year, we had just bought an old farmhouse and were putting every penny into fixing it up
and decided to skip gifts or anything special for each other 
and just focus on sweet treats for the kids.

And it was a fun Valentine's day with lots of chocolate hearts involved
 and our kids bouncing off the walls.
And I thought it was pretty great...
and then my husband pulled out a special Valentine.

A big red heart.
With pretty little details, lots of glittery bling & sequins 
and a heart shaped doily wrapped around it.
With a
 'Be my Valentine' message on the front 
and a sweet personal note inside.

But this wasn't any big 12" tall store bought Valentine 
with sequins and a perfectly crafted quote....

This was one that he had made with plastic scissors, construction paper, glittery glue
and kids craft supplies.

Of course, it warmed my heart and I almost felt like I was a school girl.
when that cute boy would bring a little red heart Valentine over to you and hand it to you
and smile and ask you to 'be mine'.
Except this time was different.
It worked, haha.
How could I not love it and say yes
and give that guy a kiss? 
It was such a sweet thought that he put into making that
and yes, I do have it stashed away even now.

Really though, my husband and I don't do too much for Valentine's Day even now.
We usually plan a nice dinner at home with a special dessert
and plan a little getaway -
our favorites are usually the central coast or the wine country at a favorite b&b-
which I will be sharing soon.
And sometimes, I set a pretty table for the two of us... though
that is probably not as appreciated as the dessert in his eyes.

We decided long ago that romance all year long is a good idea
and that simple romance is pretty amazing too.

So whatever you do for Valentines Day- 
my Wine and Dine tip
is to
 keep it simple. 
A gift from the heart is far bigger than one from the store.

And since we are on a simple romance kick-
I will be sharing a couple favorite sweet treat recipes that are perfect for Valentine's Day
and other ideas simple romance coming up in the next week
and don't miss any of the pretty ideas for romance shared by my friends on this tour today



See you later this week for a simple naked cake recipe (3 ways) 
a few ideas for warming up your home for winter
and more.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. That's a lovely story. I bet you still have that valentine! I hope your kids know this story of what a sweetie their dad is.

  2. Courtney, your story brought tears to my eyes! I am a hopeless romantic as well so I just love love love stories like these! What a sweetheart your husband is! This beautiful outdoor table is absolutely gorgeous! I love all of your pretty pieces and floral and that naked cake is just to die for! I love that you can simply take this all out onto your back patio and enjoy something so lovely! What a special idea, my friend! I'm so glad you joined in on the fun and shared with us today. You are always an inspiration! Muah!💋💋

  3. Awww so sweet and romantic of your husband, that is true love:). We had those Valentine days too. Love the box (?) with the flowers on the plates, very pretty.
    Kathleen in Az

  4. Courtney you are the cutest! Homemade gifts from the heart are the best gifts and the ones I treasure the most. You have such a gift for styling and making simple beauties extraordinary. I can't wait for your cake recipe. xo

  5. Your Valentine story is lovely. Thank you for reminding us that it is the thought that counts, and for sharing your romantic day with your husband. A little touch of romance is never forgotten. I am looking forward to trying the Naked Cake with my special someone.

  6. It truly is the little things- one of my favorites was when we were snowed in - all our plans went out the window and it was the best Valentine's Day ever. Absolutely beautiful.