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Weekend View

It was feeling like a stay in my pj's and sip on an extra cup of coffee kind of day over here
but I looked at my calendar... 
and have a ton on the schedule to get wrapped up.

The good news?
My schedule the next few days involve a lot of flowers. 
And decorating. Styling. Playing. and
Which is perfect for a January weekend....
well, okay...any weekend.

But right now... randomness.
Flowers, travel, inspiration and... Vegas, baby. 

Fresh Flowers

I have been known to play with fresh flowers on an occasion... okay, more like on an occasion. And the past couple of weeks in between a busy travel schedule- I have had buckets of blooms arriving at the house for a special project. And that is all kinds of happiness right there.

And this week, after landing in SF - I went straight to the flower mart before coming home and loaded up on favorite blooms and some specialty roses and more.
And with several varieties of David Austin roses in the house... I thought I would share some insights about each of them and what I have learned watching them bloom this week. Stay tuned there.

Vegas, baby

It has been a month of inspiration over here. From Americas Mart to NYC to Las Vegas Market... 
and the inspiration has been incredible.

While I love all the markets- one of my favorites is Las Vegas Market
for several reasons.

1. It is super easy to navigate- which means, more time for more inspiration.
2. It is chock full of amazingness in those easy to navigate spaces.
3. It has an awesome cash and carry vintage area- and it is close to California for less expensive shipping.

You can see a clip of one of the showrooms on my facebook page where 
I did a FB live if you would like. 
So much good stuff.


One of the things I love about traveling is being inspired by new places and new things. 
And one of the things that always happens is that I find new treasures that inspire a change at home... and that I enjoy those comfy cozy feelings of home in between.

So far this year, I haven't tackled any big huge projects around the house... but that will be changing. And I will be firing up that popular Romancing your Home series again in the next couple weeks - so send over your requests for what you would like some help with!

Winter Warmth

Winter is so far from warm in most places. It is cold, rainy, snowy, icy, you name it. But warm? Not unless you are planted by the heater or the fire in most climates. Though we enjoy a nice winter climate here in California- it does get chilly. And this year- January has been pretty much one.big.storm. So much rain it is has been insane. So much rain that we discovered leaks- which is not fabulous- and that our basement started to flood with all the ground water having nowhere to go and simply building up. That is A LOT of rain folks. 

While I love rain and it definitely inspires my creative side to focus and get to to work- after awhile, not being able to get outdoors and get moving in the fresh air starts to feel a bit blah...
So, I have been thinking about ways to warm up the winter. From recipes to flowers to making the house cozy.  And that is coming your way as well.

Romancing your Valentine

Coming your way tomorrow- I am joining a fabulous group of girls talking romance and sharing ways to romance your Valentine. I am not a huge commercial Valentine's Day fan. You might remember my post about 'Why I tell my husband to NOT buy me flowers for Valentine's Day' and that is true even now.

This year, a Valentine's Day getaway to one of my absolute favorite little spots in Calistoga is on the agenda.  And I will be sharing all the details about where I am staying and a list of the top favorite things to do in Calistoga as well.

And that is about it for the randomness this weekend.

See you tomorrow with a simple and romantic Valentine post.
Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Loved the orange, pink and gold, so new florals are always a treat! Sooo sorry about the leaks and basement flooding. Hard to find the "positives" in that.....

  2. Your flowers are soooo pretty! I'm a nut for David Austin roses ~ I drool over the catalog that is sent every year! Thinking about ordering a couple of bushes to try here at our new place.
    Have a great week,
    Barb 😊💝