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5 simple ideas for decorating with Blue & White

Did you watch the Oscars last night?
I did not... I was stuck in the middle of one of those intense Dateline type episodes 
and I couldn't turn it off. 

It always seems that they have to do with someone who you thought you knew... 
being someone completely different.  
And I wonder sometimes... why couldn't they just be who they were?
Why did they have to go to the dark side? What made them that way?
It makes me question all kinds of things. 

And maybe that is why I immerse myself in the creative world...
I don't have to question the motives or drama of something like beautiful bold blue and white-  
I can embrace it for what it is and enjoy it.

Blue and white is bold and beautiful - and soft and charming at the same time.
It is one of those combinations that speaks volumes all by itself. 
It brings a burst of beautiful color while being very classic and elegant in design. 
It isn't trendy - blue and white has been around for years and years- 
and it is one of those combinations that is easy to incorporate anywhere in your home. 

Today, I am sharing a few of the ways I have gone to the bold and beautiful side- 
and none of them involved any Dateline mysteries or pretending to something you are not
which is definitely a good thing.

On the Patio

Pretty in blue & white and lilac.

Yes, please.
Originally I wasn't sure just what color flower I would be using out on the patio for that rock fireplace mantel styling- but when I clipped those lilacs- I knew they would be perfect.

On the Patio - Bold & Beautiul

But if you are more of a bright and bold look type- this styling is easy to change in a snap.
These are snowball viburnum- which look a whole lot like white hydrangea balls when they are open.
I clipped them early for that pretty green.

On the Table

A favorite mix and mingle- blue and white dishes with pops of pretty pinks. I am in love with how the colors play together for a beautiful look that is sure to melt your guests hearts.

I used blue and white dishes and blue stemware for a fresh look outdoors that would be just as beautiful inside on your table.

Shop the look here:

On Display

Fill a cupboard with a few of those blue and white beauties for a charming farmhouse look.

This was decorated at Christmas- but you can incorporate blue and white into your everyday look just as easily. Bring out those teacups and stack them up. Dinner plates are perfect in the background and if you have a bowl or large container- fill it with fruit.

On the wall

You know all those extra little vintage plates you have?
The ones that were a dozen for $1 at the thrift store and so... you brought them home
with you because how could you not?
Here is an idea for them.

I mixed vintage blue and white with vintage detailed plates for a pretty plate wall
that was one of my favorites. 
And actually... you will be seeing something similar as I am tackling another
and I will share tips and details soon.

On the Table

Probably the simplest and easiest way to add a little sprinkling of blue and white is
to simply place an arrangement on the dining table,  nightstand or side table to enjoy.

Go big and bold with a planter filled with brightly colored ranunculus on the dining table

Or dainty and delicate-
 something small with big charming impact will do just perfectly on a side table.

No matter how you decide to bring in that beautiful blue & white-
 it  is sure to be a dramatic burst of spring sunshine (in a good way).

Coming your way tomorrow- I am in the kitchen 
and sharing a sprinkle of spring freshness
with an amazing group of blog friends.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. I love blue and white! Just scored a pretty blue and white Dutch vase this weekend.

  2. Beautiful! Each time you show that outdoor space, I long for something of the same. Wish we had a place for an outdoor fireplace like yours. The fresh flowers in your blue and white pieces are perfection. Added these images to my Fresh Flowers board.
    Blue and white is a staple here, and just today a friend gifted me an antique Chinese blue and white vase on stand that had been her mom's. She no longer could use it and knew I had blue and white. Lucky me!

  3. My favorite--blue & white. Love it with those lilacs!

  4. Soooooo pretty! I'm JUST starting to collect blue....I feel like you have to have lucky timing to find it, otherwise it gets snapped up!

  5. I do the same thing by getting into my creativity and don't have time for silliness . I love how you used blue and white with the flowers. Love the bowel with the pears it is so pretty.

  6. i never watch those award shows...

  7. Always beautifully inspiring here. The chair, mirror and dark chest with the blue plates on the wall speaks to me.


  8. Just stunning Courtney...I am always mesmerized whenever you style your outdoor mantel! Love all of your blue and white, especially that oval bowl with the pears!...Be still my heart!

  9. Love the blue and white, and it goes great with almost any color decor..

  10. I am a fairly new conver to the blue and white scheme--not that I haven't always loved it--I just couldn't find it at an affordable price. However, I have had some luck at Goodwill, et. al. and now I have a few pieces to decorate with. Your home is so beautiful. I absolutely love what you do with the gorgeous flowers and your beautiful white kitchen with the crystal chandelier inspires me. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your website!

  11. LOVE your blue and white in the outdoor space. The flowers are such a beautiful touch. Blue and white is my favorite for decor and I have collected pieces for years. We are starting our remodel in the summer and I will have it throughout the house. I have scored some amazing pieces lately at second hand stores.
    Keep showing off your amazing ideas, I enjoy your posts.