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Friday Favorites- Style and Design Inspirations

This week was amazing.
Palm trees. Swimming pools. Movie stars... 
and a conference filled with amazing designers and bloggers. 

And in between the laughter, the tips  and the crazy amount of good business stuff -
there was something even better.

I sat on the plane early Wednesday morning on my flight home from L.A. and the Design Bloggers Conference. And since it is a short flight - I didn't buy the wifi and work like I normally would. I decided to just put my headphones on and hit play on my favorite play list and simply sit.

You know what happens when you simply sit without a computer or tv or anything else in your space? Amazing things happen. 
Your mind is quiet and it listens to thoughts you are thinking. It was kind of like meditating. 
Except that it was on a plane with 140 other people and turbulence.

And as I sat and thought about the conference, and the whirlwind of the previous couple days- I found this amazing sense of something fill me up. 
A huge sense of inspiration and energy.
 When you find yourself filled with a moment where the universe seems to nod in approval and smile at you-you take that moment and revel in it.  

And it reminded me about how much someone or something that inspires you
also energizes you.
And those inspirations encourage you in some way.
To work harder, to sprinkle your home with a different style, to take a class or learn something
and even to just be a better version of you.
Inspiration is a GOOD thing and it does good things for you 
when you inspired. 

So as I am organizing notes and thoughts about the conference to share with you
today, I thought I would share a few of the designers and styles who inspire me.
And it has been awhile since I shared who my biggest design crushes are. 
You likely already have an idea who I will be sharing again- but they never get old. :) 
And in case you are new here- you might enjoy some of these designers as well.

Charles Faudree

The king of all things French Country- Charles Faudree is my biggest French Country style crush.
I have each of his books and could look through each of them 100 times and find something new that would inspire me each time. 

via HomeGoods

Via Traditional Home

Though my style is less colorful  and not so sprinkled with pattern, I absolutely love his rooms. 
And I do have my Charles Faudree inspired sofa wearing bold and beautiful red buffalo check in my bedroom- which is a little sprinkling of Faudree charm.

Maison Chic Magazine

Rachel Ashwell

All things shabby and chic and beautiful- I am a huge fan of Rachel Ashwell's style. 
The soft colors, crisp whites and fresh flowers- it is a welcoming California casual style that speaks to me on many levels.  Though I tend to lean a bit more elegant rather than casual- and with less floral and ruffles in the mix- her rooms always feel very charming in their simplicity and 
 I met her a few years ago - and she is a very kind soul that is as friendly as her style is.

Shabby Chic 
via House Beautiful

I am inspired most by the romantic feel and muted colors.

and of course white slipcovers.

Brooke Giannetti

Brooke and Steve Giannetti were keynote speakers at the conference and they shared so much more about their style, home and journey to Patina Farm. And Patina Farm is definitely a place filled with magic. I enjoyed visiting and meeting them last spring at their book release party- and I can't tell you enough about how absolutely enchanting their home and property is. 

The biggest inspiration for me from their style is texture and patina. It is that character that something old has- that flavor in the chipping paint or beauty of the well worn finish that speaks so loudly. I am pretty sure that any room or styling is better with a bit of history and 'patina'. 

Like ruffly pages on vintage books

and chippy paint on an old bench.

What about you? 
Do you have any favorite 'style' or design inspirations? 

I will share all the details about the conference and just what it was that inspired me
 the most next week in a recap. 
And also- all about what happened with that photo styling workshop that I did with Jickie Torres from Cottages & Bungalows along with our top 10 photo and room styling tips. 
My favorite might surprise you.
And the surprising (and amazing) folks I enjoyed dinner with while in L.A.
and what I learned about them.

Happy Friday Favorites everyone. 


  1. I look forward to reading about your impressions of the conference. No such thing in my plans--my blog is just a hobby, not a business. But the idea of being in an ideas-charged atmosphere is so appealing. A Davos of design.

  2. Love your photos today especially the flowers, thanks for sharing who inspires you. Looking forward to hearing about the conference.

  3. Can't wait to see your future posts after the big dose of inspiration!

  4. So looking forward to your shares.

  5. I share many of the same design inspirations: Charles Faudree, Rachel Ashwell, Giannetti's, Lauren Ross, Sharon Santoni, and you! Your elegant side to design is my all time favorite. I've learned a lot through antiquing too. It trains your eye for the details.

  6. So much visual inspiration! I tend to gravitate toward the traditional interiors. I also enjoyed getting ideas about arranging and displaying flowers from various photographs in this post. Thanks.