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Simple 5 minute decorating idea for spring

Spring brings warmer weather, pretty blooms and a flurry of activity, 
to do lists and decorating and a whole lot of busy, busy.

Kind of like Christmas time.
 But without the trees covered in twinkly lights, 
pretty baubles or Christmas music playing in the background.

Gardening, spring cleaning and that whole out with the old in with the spring fever feeling that comes over you and makes you want to refresh and change everything... 
it is a whirlwind. 

And I confess...
 I start to look a little like the Tasmanian Devil spinning through the house-
so something that takes 5 minutes 
to put together for a beautiful table setting centerpiece or mantel decoration? 
I am totally there.
I am bringing back that 5 minute decorating series- because
#1. I need 5 minute decorating ideas
#2. It is fun
#3. Tasmanian Devil vibes over here

And this 5 minute centerpiece idea with camellias is a favorite and is so simple yet so charming.
And it is also one your favorites- which makes it perfect for todays Friday Favorites share.

It quite literally is just a
 cedar box
and flowers.

For the flowers, I clipped camellias from our tree- 
but you can use whatever flowers you like and have on hand.
Think blooms that are full - like stock or alstroemeria for filling in the box
and making the most impact.

Place the jars inside the box- and make sure they are on the smaller short size
 unless you want to see them- 
fill them with your blooms-
and done.

Make a cedar box like this one in just a few minutes -

And my camellia tree is in full bloom right now...stay tuned for more from 
this photoshoot soon!

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I'm almost out of breath from reading this, but wow! what great ideas. Somehow I think I wouldn't pull them off as well as you do. But your photos are so pretty I want to try.

  2. So cute! I love the simple, sophisticated, and bright spring home decor that is now coming back around.

    Charlotte |

  3. Cute and simple love it!! The photos are great... I was in Williams & Sonoma to pick some pot holder and I spied 2 blush napkins .... I thought I found was so tickled pink :) .

  4. Oh that is spectacular! And the best part is the 5 mins. :) Kindof like when my porch decor came together so easily. I never would have thought to use that long box, but thats what makes it an extraordinary bouquet!
    :) gwingal

  5. Your camellias are so beautiful! The long narrow box filled with the flowers makes such an amazing statement on the table...the setting like an enchanted forest.... Off to Lowes for some wood and hopefully my camellias will bloom again!