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Weekend View

The sun has been shining. The birds have been singing. 
And windows and doors have been open letting all that fresh air in.

I am thinking (cautiously) that spring has sprung. And after so much rain here in California this winter... that sunshine is quite welcome.
So this weekend, the weekend view over here has a lot of the outdoors included.

Design Bloggers Conference

After a whirlwind busy couple of days at Design Bloggers Conference- I have been laying low at Though I did squeeze in a trip to HomeGoods this week for entertaining elements for an upcoming post on the Design Happy Blog... and did I mention I found blush place settings?
Oh yeah... you know you will be seeing those popping up over here soon.

Sweet Pea

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that little Sweet Pea had surgery this week and has been recovering a bit. We knew when we adopted her that she would likely need a few teeth removed at some point- and at her check up - the vet decided it was a good time to get them out before they caused any other problems. She is feeling better already and loving the extra attention she has been getting. 

Paperwhites and clay pots

Yes, I know Paperwhites are more associated with Christmas... but I lucked out and found a few bulbs at Whole Foods recently- and planted them.
 They are blooming away and looking pretty and will be perfect for a couple of holiday shoots coming up (yes, I know it is March)
and I am loving how simple and simply beautiful they are.

Outdoor Refresh Planning

It happens every year. Outdoor refresh ideas. Changes. Designs. We have a major outside redo coming this year- new paint, new hardware and all new plantings around the house- and an addition. But for now, we are talking simple and easy outdoor refresh planning. Later this week, I will be sharing a new look for an outdoor area- and all of the inspirations for it.

Coming your way:

I know I promised the new bedding refresh look this week- but would you believe that when the box arrived- one side was split open? And that meant that there were a few missing pieces.
So... they re-shipped the missing shams and they are now on their way and the details on that new bedding will be coming your way next week
 (hopefully)  ;) 

Blueberry muffins? 
Yes, please. A post about a favorite recipe is on the agenda.
Can we talk color? I am working on a post about color in decor for March.
 And I am thinking bold and beautiful mantel or table styling...
but not quite sure just what I will be sharing yet. 
Would love any suggestions about what you would like to see.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend everyone! 


  1. Around here, the main color is pink. You would love it. Every shade imaginable. All the fruit and nut trees are flowering, and the other trees are starting to leaf out.

    1. Oh it sounds like a dream!! I can only imagine how incredible that would look! When I get to France- I will let you know! Maybe we can meet up for a bit!

    2. Bien sûr! I would love that. I would be happy to introduce you to tasteful types as well.

  2. So glad that Sweet pea is okay...what a cutie!

  3. Glad to hear your baby is feeling better. Not sure what I would like to see,but I always enjoy what you come up with. But you definitely got me looking at blush napkins and if they have not sold out by the end of the week well need i say anything more :) As much as I love Blush I only want to use it very sparely ,not sure why. Hope your having a great weekend.

    1. She is feeling better- thank you! And you definitely should think about those blush napkins! I haven't found any anywhere else that are that beautiful soft shade of blush- and 100% linen- I am actually thinking of ordering a few extras myself. :)

  4. Glad to hear your fur baby is feeling better, the table looks great! Love the color blush, I think Im going to take the plunge and purchase the napkins. Sometimes i think about getting a blush coverlet for my room, but have not committed to it yet, I am painting my dresser and maybe the bed frame well see how they turn out first.
    Hope your having a great weekend.

  5. Happy sunshine to you! Perhaps the color violet or flowers with gold and blush? I'm so use to your quiet and gorgeous palette. I'm happy your wee Sweet Pea is recovering. She's a cute little model for your blog, just like Mr. Weenie:).
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Love that idea- maybe a table setting with bold and beautiful colors. :) Thanks for your kind words about Sweet Pea- she and Mr. Weenie definitely relish the role of 'models' :) Thanks for stopping by Kathleen! xo

  6. Always love your Weekend Reviews...and so happy that Sweet Pea is doing better!....Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much Shirley!! We need to connect at Market next month- would love to see you!