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Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

It is the last weekend in March this year... and 
I have to be honest... I am kind of amazed. 
It seems like it was just the beginning of March
and here we are zooming into April already.
I have so much to share coming up in April- but today-
it is all random.

A bike, a tripod and flowers & a crazy woman

The other day I grabbed an armful of tulips, slung my camera around my neck, placed my tripod on my handlebars and rode my beach bike through the yard chasing the sun for a few photos.
From the driveway to the back orchard area to that favorite line of trees.
I am quite sure that the neighbors were talking... and that I looked a little like a crazy woman as I navigated pea gravel paths and bushes to get to the next spot- but I did manage to get a couple of good photos before that rain started falling.

And so... the beach bicycle series 2017 has begun.

Simple is...

I have been thinking a lot about simple lately. Simple flowers. Simple decor. Simple everyday moments- and taking time to simply relax on occasion.  
Sometimes when things are carazzzy busy and going in several directions - it is easy to get a little sidetracked and before you know it, some of simple things that you enjoy doing are on the back burner.   A couple friends recently have been talking about burn out and needing a break, so just wanted to encourage you to take a few minutes for you to simply reconnect
 with yourself and recharge. 

Shaking it off

Speaking of reconnecting and taking some time... I have been jogging again. 
I took a break for way too long because of a knee issue but I have missed it so much. 
So, I am back to just a few miles a couple times a week- and back to shaking it. 
I ran out of my favorite protein, herbal, all around everything shakes recently... and I have not been too happy with the others that I have found at the market to be honest. And so, I haven't been drinking them. And I have been missing them. So... I ordered a new supply and with the warmer weather and the fresh air- I am excited to get back into the shake routine and kick up my workout routine.  Not sure if anyone is interested in shakes as replacements or supplements-
 but I would be happy to chat about my experience with Shakeology if you are considering it. 
I am a huge fan.

Barely Blush & crochet

I shared a snap from something I picked up at the store last week- and have been inundated with questions about it. It is a gorgeous blush cotton and linen quilt with the prettiest little crocheted edging. I am in love with it- and it is on sale currently.  (affiliate)

Spring entertaining & tips

I went to HomeGoods recently... and found the most amazing table top elements.
Like blush dishes, violet goblets, ruffled linens and so.much.more.
You can see all the pieces I found for a pastel spring table- and the tips I shared for entertaining in
  my post over at the HomeGoods Design Happy blog.

And coming your way:

Sharing an inspired table setting- and the centerpiece? 
FREE. Yes, indeed.

Another edition  in the Photography and Styling chronicles... and this time- 
it is what editors want- and what it has to do with real estate photography.

And along the lines of that 'free' centerpiece-
I will be sharing several ideas for free or nearly free centerpieces for spring tables as well.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Courtney, I would love to hear more about your experience with Shakeology. I just checked out their site and I'm interested in trying. What's your favorite flavors or blends and do you use them every day or just when you run? Thanks and have a great rest of the weekend!

    1. Certainly!! I will do a post in the next week or so and share more- but I use it everyday. I order vanilla mostly because I think there are a lot of combo's to mix it with- but am going to order the vegan options next time- likely chocolate. :) I am using it as a meal replacement- not as an addition and it does an awesome job as a replacement- but the best thing I have noticed is how much better and more nourished I feel. Being a vegetarian for over 20 years- I am sure that I have been depleted on certain things- and I think this helps. I will delve into much more in a post- and share my favorite shake recipes (plus the best way to get a discount.) :)

  2. I also interested in hearing about the comforter . I love the blush comforter thank you for sharing where it can be purchased. Hope you don't mind and the bike with the tulips just so pretty.

  3. The tulips in the bicycle basket - brilliant!!!

  4. I would have loved to have witnessed the bike scene! Haha! I tried shakeology for a few months. It felt to expensive for a protein shake, but I did feel super good on it. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  5. Hi Courtney! I bought the exact same quilt from Target! I need help desperately with paint color you might suggest to put with it on the walls...redoing a bedroom. Want serene and soft...any thoughts??? Please hurry...hubby needs me to decide this weekend. Yikes!