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7 easy and delicious dishes to enjoy this weekend

It is hard to believe it is already Easter weekend! 
So this weeks weekend post is moving to Saturday... and is less about the weekend view- and more about the weekend treats. 

I am talking about delicious appetizers, the best baked brie- and even a couple of salad recipes. Because, if you have family and friends coming over for Easter or any occasion-
you will want plenty on hand to keep them happy while dinner is cooking. 

So today, sharing just a few of my favorite amazingly delicious... and amazingly EASY to make treats. If you make any of these- I would love to know what you think! 

I don't have to say anything about this one other than- mushroom. spinach. YUM. 
It is delicious. That is all.

Cheese platters

A simple idea- that you don't need a recipe for really is to simply put out a charming little cheese platter. 

I picked up those cute cheese label forks at HomeGoods along with those amazing little serving boards- and loaded it up with an assortment of cheeses.

Because, salads are great for adding in to any meal- and this one is packed with nutrients and yum. Sprinkle with fresh chunks of feta and caramelized pecans- and if you are like me- you will be scrambling for seconds.

Need I say more?
 This is on my of my absolute favorite baked brie recipes. Those blackberries are an incredible touch- and it is so.easy. to make. I seriously keep most of the ingredients on hand for a last minute treat for guests. 

Have I mentioned I am a huge bread fan? As in, forget dinner- tonight I will just have some bread. I love rustic french breads, nutty seed breads, and sourdoughs and the best thing about those pretty little loaves is that you can top them with almost anything and create instant appetizers. This one is simple and fresh- and delicious.

Another day, another favorite baked brie... I might be obsessed. 
Though you might think of cranberries mostly at Thanksgiving and Christmas time- they are great all year long- and if you don't find fresh in stores for the garnish- no worries. This is just as good without them.

Because, salad again. I am one to load up on fresh salads- and did you know that one of my favorite places to go for a bite to eat when out with my husband is Whole Foods? They have the most amazing salads and fresh selections. This recipe is one that is inspired by something we enjoyed there. 

Have a beautiful and blessed Easter and weekend everyone.

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