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Weekend View

The weekend view all about the weekend, musings and what is going on behind the scenes.

Things like... camellia blooms, renovation updates and 3 am grand dog shenanigans.

Camellia blooms

Last week, as I gathered up clippings from the camellia tree for a project- I was inspired.
Not just by the beautiful double layer petals and blush color of those blooms, but the carpeted  'mess' that happens each spring underneath as they fall.

There is something to be said about not raking for a bit and just enjoying that beauty- though I know it likely drives some of you crazy. 
Me? I leave it for awhile and enjoy the magic carpet that those falling blooms create.
I shared a glimpse of some of the behind the scenes photos I took last week- 
and you you know you will see more soon
because those blooms only do that for so long each year.
And I have been taking the time to notice and capture the natural beauty
 that isn't necessarily perfect but that inspires me.

Renovation Diaries

I am happy to report that the bathroom ceiling did NOT leak again with the latest round of crazy torrential rain we had. So all that roof and ceiling repair and replacement that they did work. 
Now it is onto rebuilding. 
Did I ever mention that I feel like when we bought this house- we started with 'repairs' and renovations to make it livable... and we keep on tackling more?

Between budget and diy- the renovations on this old house has been a complicated process. 
It was function first- and then the first of the renovations to make it prettier. And then more renovations to make it more like we envisioned when budget allowed. 
And... yes, this year, we have some pretty lofty renovation projects on the horizon once again. 
Ahhh this old 1940's cottage...


We are no stranger to 3 am granddog shenanigans over here... that Sebastian (aka Mr. Weenie) is known for his middle of the night parties where he wants everyone to be up with him. 
The past week, I have felt like I had a newborn again.
Every.night. come around 3 am- he was up and barking outside our bedroom door.
 Being awake in the wee hours of the morning, tending to the grand dog 
and then tossing and turning to try to fall back asleep... 
well, it has left me with dark circles and an extra cup of coffee a day habit happening. 

But yesterday, he slept in. 
And that meant I slept in. 
Which was crazy- but oh so crazy good.
 And on a side note: I shared these flowers I picked up at Whole Foods after a day of crazy.
Insanely beautiful. 
Another thing to do that just makes you feel good- 
I highly recommend sleeping in and buying yourself flowers.

Travel Diaries

I have several trips coming up for work (and play) in April- and I am excited to take you along on the adventures. Coming up - I will be over in the California wine country to share some of the amazing things you can do while visiting.  I will be back in Calistoga at our favorite B&B and will be sharing some amazing wineries and restaurants to put on your list of  must.sees. when you are out this way.  

And also coming your way on the blog...

Another edition of the styling for photography and print series.
An inspired photo shoot
Bathroom progress photos
An amazing source for fun wallpaper 
Shopping for vintage, new and everything in between
and a couple things that have been going on behind the scenes.

Happy weekend view everyone.

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  1. Love the photos, cant wait to see info on your trips, I would be one to leave the petals until the very last one turned brown...