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Black and white and blooms Mother's Day table setting

May brings Mother's Day along with so many other beautiful things...

 and it always makes me think about my mom and my grandmothers
and all of the incredible women and mother figures in my life.

That teacher that was someone I could talk to when my parents were divorcing.
 The older neighbor who offered advice when I was raising my first baby several 
states away from family.
My grandmother who was always there with a hug and encouraging word and who I always felt was my safe haven.
And my mom who showed me at a young age that being a stay at home Mom
 was the best job ever.

Something that I remember about my mom is that she was always there when I was growing up.
 If I needed anything, if I fell and scraped my knee,  if someone hurt my feelings,
if I just needed a day off from school...

and if my rogue ankle gave out in Safeway and I was tripping and stumbling towards the towering  Pepsi display...
her arm was there to catch me before I caused a huge scene.

Seriously... it happened.

Do you remember the story I shared about the cactus in the family room
and my favorite chair when I was little?
It literally haunts me to this day.

When I was growing up, I would leave for school and come back and the house would look completely different.
The furniture would move.
The dining room was now a sitting area, and the family room with the zebra patterned sofa and my favorite little chair in it changed too...
but in my haste to grab a snack and sit down in my favorite chair
to watch cartoons (which was my routine every day)
I didn't notice that my chair had moved.

 And where my chair was... there was now a very large potted cactus.
 You get the idea.
And minus the cactus...the worst part is that
I have realized that I am a serial room changer as well...
which means
 I have turned into my mother.

Honestly though, I think there are a lot of things that can be attributed
 to those mom and grandmother influences.
My sense of humor, my sense of motherhood, my love of decorating and entertaining
and so much more.
Some of my favorite memories are those when the whole neighborhood
would be coming over for a progressive party.
And there was pretty everywhere, lots of amazing food and tables
 and just such a wonderful feeling in the house. 
Much of what I love to do today involves decorating and entertaining...
and I believe that love partly comes from my moms love of it.
So when these gorgeous flowers from arrived last week
the first thing I thought of doing with them was
setting a beautiful table.

I went a little bit of a different route this time... and bold with black patterned dishes.
While the black and white dishes bring an edgy somewhat vintage modern feeling-
 the bouquet of pink roses takes center stage and brings the romantic touch.
(Will be sharing more on those dishes coming soon)

I love that this setting has a soft welcoming feeling-
it brings a feeling of a  bit of nostalgia and burst of fresh at the same time.
And those flowers- seriously completely amazing knock your socks off flowers.
Normally, I would use several bunches of flowers on this table- but this Ultimate Elegance Roses arrangement was absolute perfection by itself.

A perfect table for a Mother's Day brunch with family- or for any occasion really.
And I am also loving this charming Spring Medley arrangement for the nightstand-

 and sent similar ones to my mom and mom in law for Mother's Day.
(shhh...they don't have them yet) 

And really, no matter who that mother figure is for you in your life - your mom, grandmother, aunt, friend or someone entirely different- they are treasures.

Crazy furniture moving obsessions, cactus plants and all.

Happy Friday everyone.

I partnered with to share with you today
but my opinions, rogue ankle that gives out whenever it feels like it 
and thoughts about these amazing flowers are all my own.


  1. Beautiful flowers, beautiful thoughts.
    I miss my mom terribly.

  2. I got my love for decorating and entertaining from my mom as well. She too would open her home up but for a New Years progressive party. The festivities would always end at my Mom's house in the wee hours of the morning with a beautiful and delicious breakfast. Her meals were always a high lite to the evening. Great fun and great memories!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Absolutely stunning! Enjoying alfresco dining here in Austin while these perfect spring days last.

  4. Your first photo, stunning and dramatic! It's interesting, but I think true, as you get older it's the memories of the past that you understand more. When you write about being a homemaker, you had a positive influence and it shows with your love of your family and home.
    A wonderful tribute to your Mom and Grandma.
    Our temp was 108 today and Sunday supposedly 69 from a cold front coming from the northwest. I just embrace the greenery where you live, gorgeous!
    Have a beautiful weekend,
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Thank you Kathleen! I think when I was younger I always admired my and grandmother and the work they did being at home with all the crazy kids :) I was blessed to be able to be home with my kids. I know it isn't for everyone- but it was what I always wanted to do. And 108!! wow! It is HOT already!! Glad it will cool down a bit for you by Sunday. Happy weekend!

  5. So love reading your stories of the many wonderful women in your life that had a great influence on you! Yes, that cactus story is the best. I was lucky that my mom and dad did not care if i did lots of re-arranging...just as long as my dad's chair was in the same spot!! The flowers are gorgeous!...Happy Mother's Day Courtney, to you and all the wonderful mothers in your life!