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Shabby Chic Dreams

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of all things romantic and sprinkled with Pixie dust...
and all things Shabby Chic.

When I go to High Point Market- I have a list of beautiful showrooms I want to visit. One filled with amazing on trend designs. Ones filled with old world antique style and ones filled with beautiful reproductions. And there is always one that is on my list that I happened to bump into one of the first times I went to High Point- Shabby Chic 
It used to be tucked inside an amazing showroom among other inspirations but
 this time- it was in a new spot and better than ever.

Shabby Chic style is romantic and charming and enchanting. 
From florals, to nubby linens to soft velvets
to painted wood and plump slipcovered sofas

Shabby Chic is filled with romantic inspired goodness that makes you want to curl up on the sofa and relax with a cup of tea. That inspires you to celebrate comfortable elegance in your home.

It is a style and feeling that I love to incorporate into my home - and sprinkle just a bit here and there.
I have longed loved the romantic and soft bohemian vibe of Shabby Chic- and there are always favorites in the showroom.

Those floral and ruffled linens galore- so good and so beautiful.
I think honestly, I would love an armoire set up just like this in my office to inspire
blog posts and photography and all things romantic.

I love that the florals look vintage- and are so muted and pretty to bring in to any room.
I also love the abundance of vintage pieces mixed with new
 and of course... 

the flowers.

Flowers are always a good thing in a styling.

And look at the oversized slipcovered sofas? So incredible - and comfortable. 
Definitely something you can sit down and sink into and get lost in a book or take a nap.

Another favorite- dainty clean lined chairs

and the always in style and always charming
 cane back dining chairs.

I have to admit- 
I am crushing big time on these natural wood beauties too

I also loved the new signature pieces in her line- 
such as painted dressers with details

and charm tucked in here and there 

Seriously so pretty in person- and perfect for tucking into a room.

And of course- 
the always enchanting mix of faded blues, soft blush 

and barely there floral linens.

Obsessed just doesn't quite sum this one up enough.
Because, quite literally- 
obsessed obsessed with how incredible and charming this is.

Shabby Chic was filled with all things pretty, dreamy and ruffly chic
as well as inspirations galore.
And probably the best part for me was spending a bit of time with Rachel herself.
She is as gracious and sweet as her designs are and she definitely 
speaks that Shabby yet Chic, well loved and well appreciated lingo so perfectly.

Even right down to her new dollhouse furniture that has the same attention
 to detail and charm  as the rest of her line.

You can find more info about all the new pieces at Shabby Chic

And I am pretty sure you will find me adding a sprinkling of more Shabby Chic to my home.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I was part of the Design Bloggers Tour and was compensated to share what inspired me at High Point Market but all inspirations and huge crush on Shabby Chic is my own.


  1. Oh I love ShabbyChic<3 I have her Floris Sofa and Squishy Chair slipcovered in white linen. They're our main furniture pieces so they get used daily. They're not only beautiful but the craftsmanship is such great quality. I've had these pieces for two years and I still love looking at them when I walk into the room. I also have her cane back Darcy dining chairs in white with linen slipcovers. I've purchased some of her sheets which are very nice nice to sleep on! I'm crushing on the new pink velvet. Love shabby chic!

  2. I love the shabby chic look, I got my linen bed quirk. Light pink, I so love the coloring on the quilt.

  3. Love these photos and so jealous you got to meet Rachel! You have to visit her Bed & Breakfast cottages in Texas near Houston if you get a chance!

    1. Jessica Pasteris can you please give me the name of the B&B cottages, I live in the Houston area!