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Moss Mountain Farm - The House Tour

If you follow me along on Instagram and Facebook, then you probably saw that
I spent a couple days at Moss Mountain Farm in Arkansas recently.

And... it was incredible.  
incredible doesn't even come close.

It was inspiring.
 Rejuvenating. Breathtaking. And just plain. absolutely knock your socks off AMAZING.

And of course I took at least 150 photos... which could make for very lengthy reading
so I am breaking the 2 day trip up into 2 posts.
To keep the I need an entire pot of coffee to read the whole post under control.

And today... it is all about the house. 
And to be honest- I don't even think I need to write much
because- these photos pretty much explain it all so much better than I could.

Let's start with
 you had me at hello...

Chippy painted brick, sunny yellow, black and white and a pop of orange for a bit of pretty.
Southern charm all rolled into one.

You know, for someone who is born and raised in California
I definitely have a big love of southern architecture and style.

That classic styling.

With a dash of romance and a sprinkle of ambiance.

A style that mixes dramatic and elegant details

with the more rustic treasures.

and yes, I am obsessed with those old paintings of family 
or just faux family maybe- whoever they may be.

Moss Mountain Farm is full of elegance and southern charm

and I was definitely obsessed while there.

I love how P.Allen Smith mixes those traditional elements 
with the unexpected more modern.
Like the old style chairs that look completely different and modern 
with a metal gleam.

And the very traditional style living room

that inspired me hugely because it is laid out so much the same as my own living room
with the dining room on one side and a center fireplace.
(honestly, that layout is a huge pet peeve in my house- but here? 
It worked incredibly.)

(Rhoda- Southern Hospitality, Kelly- My Soulful Home and Moi)

Colors were soft, natural and elegant.
Muted greens and blues.

That simply spoke serene.

And the porches with those.views.

My goodness. 

Upstairs there were two more floors- 
one where the master bedroom was

and an incredible sleeping porch

and that.tub. 
I have no words to describe the love I have for this.

There was also a guest bedroom 

and on the top floor (which is actually the attic floor)
an amazing little floor full of playful fun for Allen's nieces and nephews.

I love the old beaded board
wide planks and the fun little step up and down details.
I am weird like that- but it is what I noticed.

I also love the bathroom.
The angles and interesting details just made it that much more charming.

and can we talk about that view again?

This amazing house is not actually an old charmer from the 1800's 
believe it or not. It is a more recently built beauty that was situated right next to this amazing 300 year old oak tree called 'big sister oak'.

It was absolutely enchanting. 
I had so much fun and found so much inspiration at Moss Mountain Farm
and can hardly wait to share part two with you next week.
The gardens. 
Let's just say, I need to UP my garden game big time.
Here is a little FB live video I did while there that you might enjoy.

And on that note- I am off to go and feed my plants an extra burst of vitamins. 
And a bit of caffeine maybe...

Happy Monday everyone.

I collaborated with Moss Mountain Farm to come for a visit but all photography, opinions 
and ooey gooey love of southern style is my own.


  1. I love this house! It is beautiful but not over the top, if you know what I mean. I love the sleeping porch, and the kids space in the attic. I love the living space on the first floor! So gracious and welcoming.

  2. I have been reading the journey to P. Allen Smith's home at Rhoda's and Kelly's and now yours....You had me at that amazing tub!!!!....I am swooning over his exquisite home of classic southern charm. Can't imagine having a 300 year old oak tree watching over my house ... like it is sheltering it with its grace and beauty. Love the photo of you three cuties!....So glad you had a wonderful time! Looking forward to your next post....

  3. P. Allen Smith's home is beautiful, full of southern elegance, warm, and welcoming. The kids room is cheery and casual. Kitchen is a dream and the views, spectacular. The old oak tree, like a sentinel over looking his timeless home.
    Kathleen in Az

  4. Love , love the tree!!! The soaking tub is awesome!! The house is beautiful.

  5. Incredible! I love every detail of this beautiful home and you captured the essence of it so well Courtney. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience with all of us!

    Blessings, Sherry @ Edie Marie's Attic

  6. I remember watching him build it on TV! Though I don't think it was called Moss is lovely...wish we had that kind of view! I so long for open spaces....

  7. Amazing video. Excellent job. My videos are so jumpy.
    Beautiful views, house and gardens.

  8. A lovely post, I felt as though I was there. A wonderful home and it is more than wonderful that it has someone to love and appreciate it. I know it was a memorable time for you.

  9. Such a lovely, lovely place! I'm glad you were able to go... I like how the house looks and feels much older than it is, and the instant ancestors! Everything is understated elegance, much like how I always have thought Mr. Smith must be himself. I have a gardening book of his published quite a while ago now and loved how he speaks about building gardens. I tried to use his thoughts on gardening in my last home in our backyard. I've pinned several through Tailwind and to Pinterest directly... Lovely! <3

    Thank you sooo much for sharing!
    Barb :)

  10. This is really impressive, astounding, flawless design at its best. I think it is so lovely...yet could not actually live in this style, if that makes sense. Still admire his talent so much.